Haiti-Bound... or Not
One-Year "Surgiversary"

Should Not Be Here

Ugh, so much to do, so little time. There just aren't enough hours in the day, especially right now!

Bullets for Tuesday:

  • Slept 'til noon after Rob got up with the kids and came back to bed to cuddle
  • Did 3 mystery shops over the phone
  • Did a billion things at my desk, paperwork stuff. (Have a billion things to do right now instead of this-here blog, but I hate updating four days at a time!)
  • Showered & started on the laundry
  • Got the kids from the bus, begrudgingly let Jack go play at new neighbor kid's house while the girls and I worked on more laundry
  • Really begrudgingly let Jack STAY at new neighbor kids' house - after checking out his dad and making sure there are no guns in the house - while Sophie and I took Chloë to ballet
  • Dropped Chloë off and all the way home (half-hour round-trip) after realizing I forgot my purse, wallet, phone, shop folder, everything
  • Stopped at party store to do a mystery shop, added to the stockpile of "40" birthday decorations for Rob's big bash in 2.5 years (ya coming?!?)
  • Nearly ran out of gas & stopped for that, too
  • Got back to dance class 5 min late, found a worried Chloë waiting, and paid for Feb dance lessons
  • Ran back home to collect Jack from his friends house, which put him in a pissy mood because he wanted to stay and play... forever??
  • Took the kids to BK for free dinner because I never bothered to plan or make anything else
  • Berated Jack for cutting holes in his pants with scissors at school and grounded him - my first time being the grounder and not the groundee! - from going to new neighbor kid's house for the rest of the week
  • Home to continue working on laundry with Soapy's help while Jack and Chloë did homework next to me
  • Sent kids for bath, worked on laundry, and welcomed Christine and David (Chrisvid? Davitine?) over to hang out for a few
  • Sent kids to bed, had lots of laughs with Davitine (I like that one better) while we finished folding and matching up the kids' clothes
  • Said good-bye to Davitine, welcomed Rob home from work, fell asleep early instead of doing all the crap I had to do

Today, Wednesday:

  • Realized last-minute that I had a consult with the plastic surgeon this morning at 0900
  • Forgot about Wordless Wednesday. Oh-freaking-well
  • Let Rob get kids ready while I showered and got ready for appointment
  • Took Rob with me to hospital, to kill 2 birds with one stone
  • Met with plastic surgeon. THRILLED to learn I could get a panniculectomy (basically, in his words, an "amputation" of what I call my "fat skirt" aka "hangy belly" aka "saggy baby belly" aka you get the point) at NO COST to us!! Woohoo!! Listened as surgeon tried to explain I would rather have the cosmetic procedure abdominoplasty to make things look nice above-and-below the belly button, with minimal scarring, rather than the medically-necessary pannis removal, at who-knows-what-cost?-not-him! Burst into tears as explained we had spent all our money on my gastric bypass and had nothing left for this. Agreed to at least go down to Billing to find out cost. Left, still happy about free panni, certain that the abdominoplasty would be $$$$$
  • Went with Rob to immunizations clinic, so he could get updated before trip to Haiti. Still not sure about his detachment's fate, especially now after the 2nd earthquake
  • Ran down to Billing to find that the abdom. would only be $1660! What?! $1660!!! Shocked, ran back to tell Rob and shock him too. Quickly changed our minds to save for that one instead. Will there be a bikini in my future after all? Maybe... how much for the butt, back, boobs, thighs and arms, doc?? (I kid, I kid.)
  • Finally left hospital for home, only decide to head out for lunch together instead. We never do this. Decided on sushi around the corner. Forgot coupon for restaurant. Sent Rob home for it after ordering. He couldn't find it & gave up. (I found it later, after looking for approximately ½-second). Enjoyed lunch date with husband. Threw up after 3-4 pieces of sushi. Oh, well. Leftovers!
  • Home again, did report for party store mystery shop yesterday. Oops, forgot about it!
  • Had Rob take 160-lb-loss pictures to post on Facebook for my sister, since I'd posted I looked "hot" today. Hee!
  • Did lots more paperwork and stuff while Rob took nap. Glad to have him home for the day, even if he was sleeping instead of doing more pressing things... like his wife ;)
  • Sent Rob to pick kids up from bus and take girls to dance lessons while Jack watched a movie and did homework with me
  • Worked on today's double-dollar deals at Farm Fresh while Rob cooked dinner for the kids, also while helping Chloë with her homework. Gave her extra math work after she finished. Excited I actually taught her something new in math and she GOT it after just a few problems! (multiplying large numbers with lots of 00s easily, ex. 800 x 400)
  • Made my own quick dinner and ran to Farm Fresh, leaving Rob to get kids ready for bed
  • Bought about $95 worth of groceries for less than $40, which isn't stellar but notable, anyway
  • Scanned groceries for Homescan, helped Rob put stuff away, sent kids to bed, and started blogging...

So here's how I looked at 150-lbs down:

FB pic

And here's how I look at 160-lbs down:


Any different?? I can't tell.

Back tomorrow!


P.S. Rob ran to work tonight after all, to get a thing he needs to be able to take his annual Chief's test tomorrow. Please pray, if you do, or wish him luck, if you don't, that he makes Chief this time!!! He SO deserves it!!!! Thanks.