Nutella No-Go
Cookie Time!


Whew. It has been a busy few days! You can tell, because I missed Friday Fragments, Aloha Friday, Saturday 9, Six-Word Saturday, and Sunday Stealing! No matter, they'll come back 'round again next weekend.

On Thursday, I went to the kids' school to meet with the Assistant Principal, Jack's teacher, the social worker and school psychologist, and the special ed teacher to discuss testing for Jack's future status as a special needs student. Because he's turning 7 in March, he will soon no longer qualify for services under the "developmentally delayed" label, so we're going to have to find him a new label if he's going to be able to continue to receive help.

There was a lot of discussion about his temperament. He can be a very sweet boy, very loving and really silly, but on the other hand, he can be very challenging! If he doesn't want to do something (his schoolwork, his homework, talk to you, etc.), then he just will NOT do it.

Because of that, it's been difficult for his teachers and parents to assess his actual skill level when it comes to schoolwork, because we don't know where the ability part ends and the willingness part begins, you know? He asks such intelligent questions a lot of the time, and he's very inquisitive, so everyone was joking that he'd be the surprise kid who popped on Gifted testing later this year! It wouldn't shock me, really. Rob's mom said a while back that he'll probably end up being the smartest one of the bunch!

So when he goes in for his referral back to endocrinology later this week, I'll have the doc give him a quick physical so the school doesn't have to do that part of the testing. And then they'll give him a full battery of tests to see how he does in other aspects, like social, psychological, intellectual, etc. He'll get an IQ test, and I look forward to getting the results of that and everything else. The last time he had this full assessment done, he was two! So the picture is quite different now.

I can't think what else to share about that meeting. Let me know if you have questions (Mom)!


I hadn't had any sleep the night before, so I was a little nervous about the Brownies meeting after school that day. I had to give not one, but two training presentations about the Girl Scout Cookie sale that started on Saturday. They both went really well, though, and I was able to get through them without being too scatter-brained. Our Troop Leader keeps telling me that I'm a leader, too, but I've never thought of myself as such, and my abilities in public speaking are a lot of the reason why. But like I said, it went very well, and I was pleased. I am glad it's over, though!


As for the girls, they worked on studying the meaning behind the World Trefoil Pin (am I getting that right? I could be mixed up as usual) before having a chitty-chat about the upcoming Thinking Day. They don't have their country selected yet, so I don't know which they'll be representing, but many of the girls are hoping for Russia!  They all look so grown up to me here, especially when I think back to kindergarten, when many of them were in this same group as Daisies. Time flies...


And here's Baby Vivian once again, getting so big! She's such a cutie...


Later that night, we went to a steakhouse out in Chesapeake for a dinner mystery shop. We had never been to that restaurant before, and it the food was okay, but our service was outstanding. I gave a really stellar report - if I do say so myself - but then ended up getting the shop excluded (meaning, no pay), because I goofed and used a coupon for our appetizer. Damn it! I'm such an idiot. Oh, well, at least the dinner was really cheap - $25 for appetizer, 2 entrées, drinks and 3 desserts (one for each of the kids)! Not bad, not bad at all.

And that was Thursday. Stay tuned...