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Aloha Friday

Awesome Target Trip!

Note: Skip this post if you're not interested in the $$-saving deals I'm getting lately! Maybe I should do a separate blog just for this stuff.... ;)

I can't wait to show you what I got at Target today!

But first, I ran to CVS to get the money back on that Physician's Formula face powder that I bought for $9.99, thinking it would be $6.99, remember? Unfortunately, I forgot to bring it with me, and I had bought the wrong one that really WAS ten bucks, so I didn't get my money back. Oh well, too late to fix it now.

While there, I scanned my CVS card at the little kiosk to see if any more coupons (Qs from now on, m'kay?) would come out. They did! I already got a $5-off-$15 Q on Wednesday when I was there. It expires tomorrow, so I was going to use it today. Which I did. I also got a $1 Q off any CVS hair treatment, and a $1 Q off any two CVS-brand (well, Gold Emblem brand, which is theirs) products. I found Coke 12-packs on sale for 3/$12, and 8-oz bags of Gold Emblem gummy worms were 2/$3. I looked all over the hair products aisle and found a big bottle of hair detangler (necessary for Curly Sue's crazy locks) for $2.50. I used all three Qs from scanning my CVS card and got the detangler, two bags of gummy worms, and 3 packs of Coke for $10.80! Really good deal.


Then, I stopped at Walgreens on the way, because I'd heard about a Benefiber deal that was "rolling," which means the Register Rewards kept coming out and could be used on the same product, which would produce another RR, over and over again. Well, it didn't work at this Walgreens (suck!) but I still did okay: First, I bought another pack of the Goody's hair elastics (take that, bitchy Walgreens cosmetic clerk!), only this particular color set scanned at $2.29 instead of the advertised price of $2.99 - I found out about that ahead of time from Collin at Hip 2 Save. Make sure and read her blog; she had the best deals! The Goody's spit out a $2 RR for my next transaction.

For #2, I bought the large bottle of Benefiber, above, for $9.99. I had a $2 MQ, plus the $2 RR from #1, making it $5.99. I also bought four more of the big Ghirardelli chocolate bars for Rob and the kids, normally $2.59 each, for a buck apiece. (They're on sale 2/$3, and there's a $1-off-2 Q in Walgreens' February coupon booklet. Totally worth the dollar, mmmmm!) The bottle of Benefiber (which is sugar-free, yay) spit out a RR coupon for a free 16-pack of Benefiber drop-ins! That was the Q that was supposed to keep rolling.

For #3, I bought that, got it for free with the RR Q, and waited... but no second RR for yet another box. Darn! It's reportedly working at lots of Walgreens around the country, so if you feel like it, give it a try. I still have to go to the Walgreens by us to pick up my free 8x10 from yesterday's Walgreens photo deal (read those blogs, yo), so maybe I'll try it again there. I still have another $2 MQ...

And now on to Target!  This was all in one big transaction, because there was no reason to split it up; I just broke up the pictures by "deal" so it would be easier to understand. Here goes!


I didn't get the BEST deal that I could have on these three Renuzit air freshener sprays, because I already used my buy-two-get-one-free coupon at CVS a couple weeks ago, but it's still good. And we need all the smelly-good stuff we can get around here! I think I've mentioned that one or eleven times. Anyway, they're on sale 3/$5, and I had two $1 MQs, which made them a buck each. Still pretty decent, and that'll last us a long time.


This was a much better deal! These Glade candles are also on sale for 3/$5. I had two $3-off-2 MQs, so I bought four for $1.66 each. The total for the four was therefore $6.68, minus those $6 in Q, which makes it 68¢ for all four candles!! Sweet.


These Del Monte Fruit Chillers are on sale at my Target for $2.06 apiece. Prices vary from store to store, so it may be different for you. I had two $1 MQs, making them just $1.06 per box of 8. A cheap snack for the kids, especially when the weather heats up soon! (I hope.) {I could have had four Qs, for four boxes, but I screwed up the printing on these internet coupons twice! Ugh, I could kick myself. There is usually a two-print limit for internet coupons, but there are two different sites for this one. At least I got my two, anyway!}


KILLER DEAL!!! These 8.4-oz Gillette Body Wash sell for $1.99. I don't know if that's a sale price or the regular price, so act quickly if you're going to try for this deal. Also, they are on a side shelf, not on the same shelf in the aisle with the rest of the body washes. My store was out of them on Wednesday night, but they were back in stock today! I had two $4-off-two MQs, making these four bottles not only FREE, but I got 4¢ overage to boot!


I got this Oral-B Stages toothbrush for one of the kids for just 24¢! How? It's on sale for $1.99, and I had a $1 MQ, along with a Target Mobile text Q for 75¢ off. Store Qs and MQs can be stacked at Target (as well as CVS and Walgreens, among others). Great deal! Wish I could've used the other $1 MQ I had for this, but the text coupon is a limit-1. Ah, well!


The individual My Little Ponys are on sale for $4.99 each. If you go on the or Hasbro websites, you can print off BOGO-Free Qs. I had two, so four MLPs for $9.98! These will be added to my growing stash of birthday presents. I'd much rather stock up on gifts this way than buy something when the kids get an invite and then have to pay full price for something, you know? Am I cheap? You bet! But I'm not buying anything crappy, and I won't give anything crappy.


I found these cute sets of ribbons for $1 each at the front of the store, in the dollar section. Great price for LOTS of cute ribbon, and I often have a need for cute ribbon! I didn't get a deal or anything, but as long as I was taking pictures... ;)


I found these while I was looking for another deal, which I didn't have time to keep looking for because it was almost time for the kids' bus to come. Anyway, these two "Nihao Kai-Lan" toys were originally $17.99, and I got them on clearance for $4.48!! Into the toy closet they go...

I didn't see, until I got home, that this game is for ages 13+. I don't know if I would have bought it if I'd seen that, but now I really don't mind, because we'll need games like that as the kids get older. But whatever. It was originally priced at $24.99, and it was clearanced for $6.24!! Into the toy closet.


I'm so excited the Qs worked for these games this time. Last time, they didn't work at Target, and I got them at Walmart, but I thought I'd try again as long as I was there anyway. And they scanned this time! (Except for, I think, the Sorry! ones, but the cashier pushed them through since the other ones worked.) I got 14 card games for the toy closet! The Monopoly game rang up at $5.29, and I had two $4 MQs (also check or Hasbro for these Qs). The Sorry! game rang up at $6.94, and I had four $4 MQs. The Pictureka was $5.29, and I had four $5 MQs! And the Scrabble was $5.29, again with four $4 MQs. Awesome, awesome deals. I plan on donating some of these games to the PICU at the Naval hospital, in honor of Robby's birthday. We try to do that every year for his birthday and Christmas, in his name, but we've missed a few times. Now I can!

All in all, I saved $101.80 in coupons at Target today, and I got some fabulous deals. The only downside is that I keep having to explain to the children why I have all these toys that aren't for them right now!

Well, time to make dinner. More later...