The Blue And Gold Banquet
Stuff We Did & Stuff We Got

The Blue And Gold Banquet

The Cub Scouts are celebrating 100 years of scouting this year, and we celebrated at the annual Blue & Gold on Friday night. We (the kids and I) got there about 20 minutes late, because of:


my Girl Scout's first cookie booth of the year ending at the same time the Blue & Gold started. (The booth went okaaaay, but not fantastic. We barely sold half of what we did at our first booth at the same time and location last year!)

The Brownie and I ran home after packing up the booth, to pay the sitter (Linda) and collect the Tiger Cub and the little girl. They were, apparently, STARVING, as I'd left specific instructions not to feed them, since they'd be eating dinner at the banquet. Poor kids.

Dinner was in full swing when we arrived at Jack's old school (where he went to preschool) cafeteria. The Tigers had already gotten their food, and so had the other levels - whose names I don't all know yet - and the Webelos 2 (or is it II) were getting in line. So we joined them at the end and were among the very last to eat. I figured, since they were so hungry, of course they'd eat a really good dinner, right?? Wrong. The Littles turned up their noses at the chicken fingers that were served, though I made them take a piece anyway. Chloë took two pieces and ate it all, plus some of the other kids', at least. There were veggie platters, chips, something else I forget... and at the end of the table, scores of all different kinds of cuppy-cakes that the older dens had helped make.

Jack had spied a cupcake on the way in, that had a cherry on top, and he reeeeaaaaaallly wanted one of those. So I used that as leverage to get him to eat his chicken. Same with Sophia, who chose a chocolate frosted with multi-colored sprinkles. (And she's so sweet: whenever she gets any kind of treat, she tries to offer some to me, and then gets genuinely sad when I tell her I can't have any. Aw.)

Anyway, so we sat near Miss Beth, the Tiger Leader, and her son and husband, and the rest of the Tiger Den. (See, now I understand the difference between a den and a pack. At last!) The Tigers had decorated tin cans at their last meeting, to be used as the weights for balloon bouquets. As soon as Jack saw his, he wanted to take it. Right then. And not leave it for a decoration at the table. Hello, son, you must wait!

After the eating, the announcements began. Did I mention we signed him up for sleep-away camp? So there was talk about that, and the arena racing that's coming up in a week or two (hopefully Dad can take him to that), and the Districts for the Pinewood Derby. He'll go to that; I forget when it is.

And then the fun part.


It sucks, but I can't show you the pictures of the whole part where Jack earned his Bobcat! I had to get up on the stage with him and paint his face like so, and then he painted mine, so I had to leave my camera with Beth. Well, apparently she didn't feel like actually getting up and walking over to the stage to take the pix, so of course none of them turned out. I'm disappointed; that was a lot of fun. He actually made Bobcat months ago, in the fall, but we missed the Pack meeting where the Tigers all got painted up and got their Bobcat badges. Now he has to wear his parent pin upside down with it until he does a good deed, and then Rob will get to wear it upside-down until HE does a good deed. I figure Rob should do it, since he's listed as Jack's "official" parent scout or whatever they're called. Yeah, I'm still learning the lingo...

But we're so proud of him! He is confused, continually saying, "But I'm not a Bobcat, I'm a Tiger!" and really, I'm at a loss to explain it to him, other than being able to tell him he earned it for learning the oath and promise and all that good stuff. I'm sure Rob knows better, but he wasn't around to tell him!


After that, the new Webelos got on stage to rip off the shirts they'd painted and show their new khaki uniforms!


Jack paused for a moment to show off his face painting that Mama gave him. The newest little Bobcat!


The Leaders all got up then, to get their awards for their various years of service to the pack. Here's Beth walking away with hers. She's a cutie-patootie!


The Boy went to go get a refill on his limonada, and when he walked past the Webelos table, they gave him this noisemaker. I finally had to take it away from him, because he kept blowing it and disobeying the "quiet" sign. I don't think I've given it back yet...! 


After that, it was time for the birthday presents. There was a huge stack of them on a table, and each Cub went to get one... but that wasn't all. Pack Leader Jeff read a fun story that used the words "left" and "right" a lot, and each time he said one of those, the boys would have to pass their present in that direction in a big circle. The little ones needed a LOT of help with this. We parents kept shouting "LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT!" and everyone laughed a bunch. It was a huge relief when he finally got to the end of the story and the boys could rip into the packages they'd ended up with!




Jack ended up with a couple of construction crafts, and he was really excited to make them IMMEDIATELY. He ended up swapping the submarine one for a jet, with another Tiger, and he has been hounding us to make them ever since!


More games ensued.  I didn't get a picture of Jack playing pin the tail on the Cubmaster, because he barely wanted to play, and I was too busy watching the hilarity of the older boys batting at piñatas for candy. The sweets were flying everywhere, all over us, and we kept having to duck for cover to avoid getting hit in the face!  Meanwhile the poor cubmaster's nuts were covered in "tails"... hehe.


Then it was the little guys' turn to do their piñatas.  Poor Jack had the weakest at-bat, and they let him take a few hits at it before moving on to the next kid. He didn't care. But another little guy ran up when a third Tiger was swinging, and he got a wallop in the arm. All the parents were shouting at Jeff, "WE'RE NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN!!!" but he just laughed, saying the boys were having fun and that's all that counted.


When the candy broke, all the boys - but ESPECIALLY Jack - dove in there and scooped up as much as they could into their paper bags. He really grabbed a bunch for such a little feller! I had "glued" my girls' tushies to their bench, because they weren't supposed to join in any of the reindeer games, but when Jack was finished, I looked up, and there was Miss Piggy Sophia scrambling to get some candy, too. I thought it was hilarious. Typical Soapy! (I didn't care, either, because I thought it was kind of unfair to invite siblings and then not let them do anything but watch for 2½ hours!)

After that and a few more quick announceys, we were free to go. And go we did, because it was already half-past bedtime, and we still had to do a bowling mystery shop that night!

So, we went bowling, and that was fine. Chloë and I bowled while the Littles played around the arcade games. Even though I don't give them any money, they still have fun pretending to play everything. I was lucky to get a lane right next to the arcade, so I could keep an eye on them the whole time. And they had hot dogs and fries and cookies, so of course they were content. After barely eating at the banquet, they were happy to get a  little more food in their hungry bellies.

So with the bowling, and the banquet, and the booth sale, and the party store mystery shop we rushed to do before meeting Linda at our house... Friday was quite the crazy-busy night!