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Saturday 9: Your Smiling Face

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments

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Confidential to the [email protected]$$ drivers out there: If I have to slam on my brakes when you pull out in front of me, then yeah, you probably shouldn't have gone then.

Also, you don't need to make your right turn soooo slooooowly that I have to come to a complete stop behind you! Keep on truckin', y'all!

I'm excited and ecstatic today. Before my gastric bypass surgery in Jan '09, I wore a size 26. Today, just for kicks, I decided to try on the size 10 pants my sister gave me this past summer. (I've been wearing my 16s and 18s, though they are too big, because I didn't want to go clothes shopping just yet.) Not only do the 10s fit, they are baggy! WOOOT WOOT WOOOT!!!!!! :D

Sophia, 4, and Chloë, 8, were playing "boyfriend" in the back seat of the van. (This is a new game they've come up with recently.) I had the radio on, so I didn't hear the entire thing, but I overhead Sophie say, "MY boyfriend screams like a little girl!" And Chloë retorted, "Well, MY boyfriend screams like a BOY."


Chloë was trying to read in the dark, so I told her, "Chloë, turn on some lights, so you can see!" She responded, "I only need one light. It's a very small book."


Jack, 6, brought me my hairbrush when I asked him to. I said, "Thank you, Darling." He angrily replied, "I'm not a darling!! ... What's a darling, anyway?" I told him, "My sweetie, my baby, my darling!" He softened, looked at me angelically and said, "Okaaay, I'm a darling..."

I told Chloë at the hairdresser a couple weeks ago that her hair would not stay straight after she took a bath; it would curl right back up again. She told me, "Well, you can straighten it then, Mom!" I said, "Maybe, but not as good as she (the stylist) can!" Chloë replied, "Well, yeah! DUH! She has a head sink!"

Those make all the difference in the world, don'tcha know.

That's it for me... I've been bad about recording their cutesies lately! Have a great weekend! Mine is CHOCK-FULL of Scout stuff for the kids.