TWIR: Monday, Our Boys Turned Seven
TWIR: Wednesday, Literacy Night And Lucky Me!

TWIR: Tuesday, Subbing & Running

I don't have any pictures for Tuesday, but it was another busy one. The phone never rang, calling me to sub, the night before, so I had just about given up when it rang about 10 minutes before the kids and I left for the bus stop in the morning. Wow, I could not have phrased that sentence any worse, I think. But it's late, I'm getting tired, and I'm freeeeeezing.


So I put the kids on the bus, and then I went home to get ready. And by that I mean, lolligag around for another half-hour, since I didn't have to be there until 0930, and it was only just after 0800. This shift was 9:30-2:30, just long enough to be considered a full day, but short enough that I would still beat the kids home. Perfect, actually.

It was at the "alternative school," but I didn't have any idea what, exactly, I would be doing. All I knew was the teacher's name and the name of the school. The school was just a few minutes down the road from our house, but it's newly opened, and I had no idea it was even there! Half the school is a middle school, and the other half was a high school. I was to be on the HS side, on the upper level. It turned out, I was subbing in the GED prep class.

This had to be the juiciest, plum-est job available. I would take it again in a heartbeat! Really, there is no teaching involved, whatsoever. Because these are the kids who WANT to be there, more or less, to get out of school and on with their lives, they were more or less self-motivated. All they had to do was check in, work on their prep tests, and check out. They came in and out at various times of the day, got right to work, and left only for lunch.

My job was to watch them, float around the room and make sure no one was sleeping (it happened), and try and help them if they had problems on their tests.

A lot of them had problems with the math portion of their prep tests, and hey, guess what? I'm a math and sciences person. Once the other part-time "teachers" there realized this, they pretty much let me handle all the kids questions, while they relaxed and enjoyed a little downtime. I preferred it this way, much better than sitting there watching the clock for five hours.

And so, help I did. It was really very rewarding. I enjoyed the assignment a great deal. One young man had a terrible time with percentages. He just didn't get it. I sat down and worked through the problem with him, one by one, step by step, giving him little tips and tricks that have always helped me with my math work. We worked on a problem until I was sure each step made sense to him, before going on to the next one. At the end, he looked at me and said, "You have made this clearer to me than it's ever been in my life." That just made my day!

Another kid needed help with one question after another. The other teachers, I could tell - because, um, they said so, pretty much - were expasperated with his constant need for attention, but he really just needed help. They weren't sure whether he truly didn't get it - and if that's he case, he should go back to regular school - or if he just needed the interaction. As for me, it was obvious that he truly did not get it. Could not figure it out on his own. But it wasn't for me to say, so I just sat and helped him as much as he needed it. And truly, there is nothing better than watching someone who is struggling and seeing that moment when the lightbulb goes on for them. I love that moment so much.

Oh, and I got hit on at least three times, which was good for my self-esteem. Of course, these were teenaged boys, so I completely ignored the advances... but still, flattering!

At the end of the day, all the kids waved good-bye to me, and I waved at them. Good luck to all of you on your tests, out there! And good luck in life...


Rob was there when I got home from school, or just after. He went down to get the kids from the bus, which I love.

The kids had their after-school snack, and then it was time for Chloë to go to Ballet. I'm pretty sure I took a nap while he took all three kids to dance class to let me have some rest, which was pretty awesome of him. I guess I'll keep him, even if he still doesn't have his motorcycle license!!! But let's not go there...

So after everyone came home and woke me up, I had three mystery shops to do. The kids started their homework while I got my paperwork together, but soon it was time to go.

Our first stop was at the Walgreens I'd gone to the day before, to pick up my "deals" notebook that I'd left behind, and to do a return. I'd bought two things on one receipt, both of which had a mail-in rebate attached to them (the Olay deal I neglected to mention in the last post, oh well). So I needed to return those and have them re-rung on two separate receipts, which entirely confused the poor manager, but we eventually got it all worked out.

Second stop was to the first of two party stores. It all went off without a hitch, and for my required purchase, I continued building my stash of goodies for Rob's 40th birthday bash in a couple of years (he'll be 38 in August). Same with the second of two party stores. I do those shop a lot, and apparently I do a good job on them, because they keep hiring me, eh?

Fourth stop was for dinner, at the big boobs-and-wings chain y'all know and love. Or maybe not love, but that's your call. The food is good, and cheap. We had a good time. The girls all sang to Jack for his birthday, and he had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face over that! That in and of itself made the whole thing worthwhile.

And we we came home, I crashed again, so still, no blogging.

Up next: Wednesday!