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Donations For CARE Package

As most of you know, Rob and I run the charity that we started in our son Robby's memory, called CARE Package, Inc. You can read more about it on that site; I won't go into it here in this post if you're not already aware of what we do.

Anyway, a while back, I received a large box of goodies for CARE Package from "Lady M," a friend who found me on Facebook and has been working diligently ever since to create items for us. She was very generous with her time and sent about a dozen sets, including sweaters, blankets, bonnets and booties! It is always so gratifying to receive such packages, from both strangers and friends/family alike. My mother-in-law has been a supporter of our efforts since we began, and I appreciate each and every stitch that she, Lady M, and our other volunteers create!

Here are a few of the items Lady M sent:


Lady M made several of these blue sets with green blankets to match. I didn't photograph them on the blankets because they just didn't show up in the pictures as well as in real life. I'm so thankful for these, because we receive many more girl items than boys', and unfortunately, the majority of losses are little boys. These will definitely help!

Lady M made several of these sets, too - do you think they are unisex? I always have a hard time deciding. I think they are, but you let me know what you think, please! At any rate, they are so soft and cuddly!


We also received one of these "pouches," which are perfect for the smallest and/or most fragile babies who can't be traditionally dressed. I never get enough of these.


Lady M even sent me six cameras for some of the packages! It has always been my desire to include such a camera in each package (I wish we'd had one with Robby), so the parents can capture their final moments with their child, if they wish. I wrote to both Fuji and Kodak requesting donations, but sadly, both companies turned me down. 

Thank you, Lady M, for all your kind and generous donations! We look forward to receiving more work from you in the future and are happy to have you with us!


I never showed you, here, the latest sweater I have made for CARE Package, myself. I intend it for a boy, although I suppose there's no reason it can't be unisex thus far. Hopefully the rest of the package will make it more so:

These are the original buttons I chose for the sweater, but Stephanie, my Official Button Chooser, vetoed them. I still like them, but I defer to her!

007 (3)

Steph still hasn't seen the buttons in person to make a final decision, but this is the set she chose - and most others did, too - based on a survey of buttons I posted on Facebook. What do you think; are these better?  Hopefully I'll remember to bring all the buttons with me to our lunch date on Wednesday, so I can get them sewn on and the next project begun! Oh, who am I kidding, the next project doesn't have to wait 'til then...

Until later, my dears,