Run For Your Life
On The Second Day Of Spring Break

On The First Day Of Spring Break... true loves and I didn't do anything super-fantastic. Eh.

Here's what did happen, in a nutshell:

I slept until noon. After staying up all night Saturday-into-Sunday, I was mighty tired.

Fortunatelly, Rob had the day off. He did have to go in wicked early because the AC repair guy was coming in, but he got home before the kids woke up. He took them outside to play.

When I was just waking up, he was bringing them upstairs to take a bath. Apparently they got REALLY dirty, playing outside. My kind of fun!

I called my dad back, who had called me from the store, wanting to know if what he had chosen were appropriate gifts for Sophia and Jack's birthdays. We chatted for a while.

I went out to do a S*nic mystery shop while the kids watched Movie #1.

We pretty much had a Movie Marathon after that. Except for breaks to clean up a little bit, eat, and what-have-you, I think the kids watched six Disney flicks back-to-back. (Toy Story & Toy Story 2 from the girls' Easter baskets, The Fox & The Hound, 101 Dalmatians, and... I can't remember what else.)


{Speaking of Disney movies, did I mention that I ordered The Princess and The Frog off with my Swagbucks money, for Soapy's upcoming birthday? I did. Also, with money from winning Deal Seeking Mom's Coupon Database monthly prize twice in a row, and from doing the Kimberley-Clark mom discussion panel - both of which rewarded me with more Amazon cash - I bought Sophie the Barbie car she's coveting, and two new books for me. I have a little bit left. I was going to spend it on something else which now escapes me, or save up for the Hoover FloorMate we really need. But yay for free money! Oh, and, from all the Disney Movie Rewards points I'm getting with all these movies we've been getting such great deals on, I've almost got enough points to cash in on the Princess scooter off their site! The girls will LOVE that. Jack will not, but they don't have a 'boy' scooter that I can see...}


So while the kids watched movies, Daddy cleaned up his very messy side of our room, and I worked on my to-do list. I managed to get a lot done:

  • Called Dr. A's office to speak to his nurse and have him re-submit the referrals to Audiology that J & S need, for they are still under review after a week. Weird.
  • Called and verified that Jack does NOT need a follow-up appointment for physical therapy until his leg braces don't fit or are uncomfortable
  • Made an ultrasound appt. for Jack's right nut (4.22.10)
  • Made eye exam appts. for all three kids - FREE at Wal*mart (with our insurance), unless I decide to let Chloë get contacts (this Saturday)
  • Called the creditor for our debt with Bounce the bunny's vet bill, and had them reverse the $32 late fee, since I had thought it was all paid off and never received another bill. Phew, they did.
  • Talked to my dad AGAIN, about what he and wife #5 want to do and eat while they're up here at the end of this week
  • Called to make myself a dentist appointment; haven't heard back from them yet
  • Called to completely cancel our TV service, as we don't get reception since canceling digital cable back in January, so why pay $10 a month for nothing? Hello, I should have done that two months ago.
  • Called my bipolar shrink to make a meds appt, but we're playing phone tag
  • Made an appt with a child therapist for Chloë (this Weds. pm)
  • Went to the P.O. and mailed packages of coupons to overseas military (last month's and this month's, oops), red pens to MIL, and stamps to Grandpa
  • "Made dinner," which consisted of pulling a variety of frozen entrées out of the deep freezer, microwaving them, and calling it good. I'll make something "realer" tomorrow. At least that's the plan...
  • Cut, sorted, filed and listed in the DSM database my coupons from the past three weeks. Damn, that was a lot of coupons.


I didn't get everything on my to-do list finished:

  • I still need to schedule those Audiology appointments, which I probably won't be able to do until the end of the week, after they are submitted a second time.
  • I need to get labs drawn for both Sophia and myself; hopefully I can run us out to the base to get those done first thing in the morning, before either of us have eaten, since they're both "fasting" labs.
  • I couldn't make Chloë's Dermatology appointment, because a referral to a civilian provider is coming in the mail. Why, I don't know, but I prefer it that way anyway.
  • Still need to make that appt. with my bipolar shrink.
  • I didn't get to the bank to deposit the NINE mail-in rebate checks I've received in the past week (yay!)
  • We didn't do a Markeroni. More on that tomorrow, after we've hopefully done one.
  • I didn't bake anything. I'd planned to bake something every day this week, starting with Rob's lemon poppy-seed bread. But, the night is still young...

And that's about it. I took a nap just before bedtime, so Rob put the kiddies to bed, and he's got to go back to work tomorrow. Bummer!

Are you having a fun and interesting week so far?