On The First Day Of Spring Break...
Aloha Friday

On The Second Day Of Spring Break

... I was pretty much lazier than the first.


I hate to say "lazy," really, when the word is more like downright lethargic. I feel like something is definitely wrong with me. I just don't have my get-up-and-go most of the time lately, unless I've imbibed some coffee. I do not want to become dependent on the caffeine, so that kind of sucks... Also, I had a killer headache for several hours right in the middle of the day, so we had another moviefest. The kids are rediscovering the videotapes that Grandma sent a few years back, which have sat in the cabinet mostly ignored in favor of DVDs. They are loving them! Jack's favorite lately is The Fox and The Hound, or as he calls it, "The Dog and The Fox." Hee.


I had planned to take the kids to the historic local landmarks, The Adam Thoroughgood House and The Francis Land House today, but I didn't realize that they were not free to visit. Each one would cost us about ten bucks to attend. Since we are both on a very tight budget, especially in the first half of the month when the mortgage gets paid, and I don't know whether they would enjoy these sites well enough to spend a tenner at each, I didn't feel too terrible about passing them up today.


So now, I'm not sure what we'll do tomorrow. I do plan to take them the the Cape Henry lighthouse and the state park there, but I'd really rather go when Daddy is available. Since he might be working on Saturday now, well, maybe we'll just do that Wednesday. I know the kids will have a good time there. We shall see.


I did stay up late last night to make Rob's lemon poppy seed bread, which he enjoyed this morning before work. Unfortunately, before waking me up at 0930, all three kids also enjoyed some of Daddy's lemon poppy seed bread. That would have been fine, except I'd planned to take Sophia to get her labs drawn (and mine) first thing upon awaking. So that was out. I hadn't warned her not to eat, so I made sure to do that before bed tonight. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll happen Wednesday, because I really need to get my own labs drawn before my next bipolar meds appointment, and I'll need a refill on those within the next two weeks. Might as well get both of ours taken care of at the same time!


By the time 1500 or so rolled around, my headache was finally gone, and I was back in action. The kids and I piled into the pollen-covered van and ran to the bank, so I could deposit all those mail-in rebate checks. I needed to do it, finally, because the the $42 payment for the CARE Package website annual fee went through, and I'd completly forgotten about it. I do every year.

We were already in the car, so I drove over to the town center to pick up my silver bridesmaid dress from the dry cleaner. It had been there since, oh, November or so.  When I get around to it, I'll try it on and take a picture in it. It'll be big on me, though, since it's a size 18 and I'm not! But I want to sell it, and I know no better way...


Daddy was rolling into the driveway right after we hopped out of the van at home, so that was nice. Always a pleasure to see him arrive home.


After he had a shower and did some yelling at the kids for messing up their rooms again (argh), we went out to dinner for a job. It was good; as usual, I only ate about 3 or 4 wings and then I was stuffed. I didn't feel well after that, think I was dumping pretty hard, so the piña colada I drank a third of was probably not a good idea! 


I had another quick job to do after that, since we were already in that area of town where we really go (it's far), and then we headed home. The kids pretty much squabbled all the way home. Jack is the worst one; he can be such a grouch, and he yells and threatens to "punch you in the butthole" and calls names. We're working on that...

And that was it. Well, that, and I managed to make my own dentist appointment, at least. Tomorrow, Chloë sees the therapist for the first time. I don't know how much I'll share from that here, or even whether I'll be privy to the session, so... ask if you want to know.

All right then, back to work on my reports!