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Reportin' To Grandma

I've been meaning to post, but I'm just so tired by the end of the day. That's a good thing; normally I'd be up 'til all hours, but lately I've actually been falling asleep at relatively decent hours. So, yay!

On Tuesday, Rob and I took the kids to the Naval hospital, where their pediatrician is. Chloë and Jack needed camp physicals, and Sophia needed one for starting kindergarten. My baby's going to kindergarten, omgosh!

So, especially for Grandma's sake, here are my notes:

Jack, age 7

- Weighed 32.0 lbs and was 100 cm or 3'3½" tall; BP = 92/60

- Turned in the ADHD paperwork on him (questionnaire that both his teacher and I filled out), and although Dr. A. still has to score it, it will most definitely be "positive," so in one month, we have a follow-up appointment to discuss care and treatment and all that good stuff. I'm to look up the drug Concerta and see how I feel about that. And of course, when I say "I," I really mean "we." I'm strongly thinking that rather than needing to be drugged so he can behave "appropriately" at school, maybe the school environment isn't a good fit for him right now, and I can teach him at home...

- He had fluid in his ears that needs to be re-checked in one month, and he has a referral to Audiology to make sure his hearing is okay. He clears his throat all the time and snores badly, so we're going to get all that looked into at the next visit.

- Has a referral in to physical therapy for a follow-up on his ankle boots, which he sleeps in at night. I'm not sure he's due for a follow-up, but I forget, so I had Dr. A. put one in just so I can make sure whether he's supposed to be seen.

- He also has a referral in to Ultrasound to verify the location of his right testis, which has been MIA for a few years now. Dr. A. thinks he found it last June/July at his check-up then, but now he can't quite find it again! (And I'm sure he's going to love that I put this on my public blog 20 years from now.)

Sophia, age 5 minus 2 weeks

- Weighed 42.0 lbs and was 112 cm or 3'8" tall; BP = 104/66 (a bit high today)

- Has to go in the early morning, after fasting, to have labs drawn. She needs her blood and urine sodium drawn to make sure everything is normal there, since she drinks a LOT, and there is a strong family history of diabetes (adult-onset, though). She also needs her cholesterol tested and a full panel done to check on the high Blood Pressure, since there is also a strong family history of cardiac disease.

- Also has a referral to Audiology for a hearing screening

- 20/20 vision in both eyes!

Chloë, age 8½

- Weighed 39.4 lbs and was 113 cm or 3'8½" tall; BP = 93/55

- 20/30 vision in both eyes (WITH glasses on); she and Jack are both due for a new eye exam.

- Has a referral to Dermatology to get that cyst on the back of her head melon-balled out (my term)

- Also as an ADHD follow-up visit in 1 month, since he's certain her paperwork will score "positive" as well


- Also for Chloë, I'm going to call today and get her an appointment with a child therapist. There are some issues that I feel warrant attention. Rob wants me to wait until her ADHD visit, but I think she needs to be seen sooner. I did not discuss this with Dr. A., mainly because I didn't think of it at the time.

So that's the news on the kids for now. Might be back later with more posts, but I have to go get ready soon to visit Sophia's preschool "Spring Fling." Should be fun; wish I could take pics!