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Saturday 9: I Want To Hold Your Hand


I know I'm two days late, but I wanted to take a break from working on my coupons (I'm three weeks behind on them!), and this one looked like fun. Link up with Samantha for more Saturday 9.  

1. What do you notice about other people's hands?

Lots of things, but primarily I notice whether or not they have dry skin. NOT having dry skin is very important to me, so it grosses me out to touch or look at, really, dry skin. (Apologies if you have it, but dang, put on some lotion!)

2. If someone was nosing around your house, what would you hope they wouldn't see?

The mess... but it's kind of unavoidable, unfortunately!

3. Do you think that the more stuff you own enhances your life or adds to your burden?

Definitely BOTH. I actively try to cut down on the stuff that does NOT enhance our lives, but somehow it all seems to sneak back in, doesn't it?

4. What was the last movie you saw in the theatre?

Maybe "Up!" last summer? Oh no, we saw "It's Complicated" more recently than that...

5. What do you have under your bed?

Rob's crap; I have no idea what it all is, and I don't think I want to know!

6. What do you think your s/o or best friend would say about what makes you unique?

Good question, why don't you ask them? I think Rob would probably something dirty, though. (Hahaha, I asked him, and he DID say something dirty. Then he added, "Your silliness.")

7. What's your current favorite TV commercial?

We don't watch TV, so I couldn't tell you.

8. Who do you owe a phone call to?

Bah, that could have been worded a whole lot better! Anyway, my sister, as always.

9. Do you know about my friend's new meme Wednesday Wickedness?

I've heard about it but haven't checked it out yet. Should I?