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Coffee-Fueled Day

My Mother's Day

It was a pretty low-key day for me. I'd stayed up 'til about 0600, so I slept until 1430 or so in the afternoon, waking up to talk to a kid here and there. Rob and the kids cleaned up some and worked on laundry. We didn't go anywhere or do anything. We watched Food, Inc. as a family, and Rob is on-board with all of my convictions after watching it.

That was about our entire day. Boring, right? But just what I wanted, so it was cool.

I got lots of presents, though!

A card from my FIL and another from my MIL, with a gift card to Barnes & Noble - I assume it's for home-schooling stuff? Even if it's not, that's probably what I'll use it for, since that's what I'm funneling any extra money toward rght now. Thank you for those!

Rob and the kids went out and got me a card and flowers, but I made him bring back the flowers because we have NO money. The kids had already signed the card (each signed his or her own name ♥), so he couldn't return that. He was kind of upset about that, but really,  we don't need to bounce any checks right now!

I don't know if Jack was working on anything for me at school, but as we haven't gone yet to clean out his desk or anything, he didn't get to bring anything home.


Each of the kids made one of these clay magnets for me at a Michael's kids' workshop, a week or so ago. Apparently, they used to be purple and yellow, but when Rob baked them as directed, they turned into this. And they're magnets, but only one of them is sticking. That's fine; I love them anyway!

001 (3)

These are the trellis planters the kids made for me at Lowe's yesterday. Aren't they sweet? I adore them.


Chloë made me several things at school. On the inside of this card is a tea bag and a note that reads, "Here's a gift for Mother's Day: I'll try my best in every way. But when you get upset with me, relax and have a pot of tea! Love, Chloë"

She's been hounding me to drink the tea ever since!


On the inside of this one, she wrote, "My mom has been chosen 'Mother of the Year'." She takes me to the movies. My favorite is Up. She likes to go on a "girl's night out" with me. I really like that.  She took me and my family to Pungo last summer (hehe, it was last weekend) to go strawberry picking. And we picked so many strawberrys [sic] that I thout [sic] we got 1,000. That's why my mom is 'the mother of the year.'"
I love it!!



This one has an interview inside:

"My mom is special because: She loves me.

"I like it when my Mom: lets me stay up late.

"My mom can do many things! I think she's best at: Being silly.

"My Mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by: Saying "I love you."

"My mom is as pretty as a: Pop Star.

"My mom is smart! She even knows: everything about sharks.

"Signed Chloë O."

Too cute! Too bad I don't remember much about sharks anymore. I'm a bit of a dullard now. ;)

Sophia made me something, too, but I cant find it now! Shucks. I'll have to post it when I find it, because I remember it was pretty cute, too.

Of course, the best present of all are my babies. ♥