In The Still Of The Night

I Am


I am simple and complicated
I wonder why people can't be nice to each other, just because
I hear footsteps in the sky
I see flickers of light in the corners of my eye
I want to swim in a sea of soft, colorful yarn
I am simple and complicated

I pretend my mother and son are still with me
I feel people don't care about the environment as much as they should
I touch your skin when I need a connection
I worry that I won't be perfect, and the world will fall apart because of it
I cry when I learn of another baby becoming an angel
I am simple and complicated

I understand that science and spirituality don't have to contradict each other
I say that tomorrow is always another chance to do things right
I dream of seeing the world, one country at a time
I try to be the person my mother would have wanted me to be
I hope my children will always know how much I love them
I am simple and complicated


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