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I'm No Smitten Kitchen

Ever since I read about this red potato and blue cheese tart on Smitten Kitchen a week or so ago, I have had those drool-worthy pictures on the brain.

(And, holy cow, she has 106 THOUSAND subscribers on Google Reader. What?! This blog has 13; Fishing and Wishing has 45. Ha!)

It just so happened that a day or two prior to reading that post, I had done my bi-monthly grocery shopping at the organic shop, and I had picked up a bunch of very similar baby red potatoes and a puck of goat cheese. Not blue cheese, but afer reading Smitten Kitchen's post, the potato-and-goat cheese combo suddenly seemed very tantalizing to me. I could NOT stop thinking about it. Day and night.

I didn't want a crust, though. Too many carbs for me. (But duh, hello, we're talking about potatoes. Sometimes I don't think straight.)

Finally, the other day, I had to go straight home and make up my own potato-cheese concoction. I call it The Potato Thing I Made.


Here are my potatoes, still in the canvas sack I put them in, straight out of the bin at the organic shop. I love that they are all dirty, straight from the ground and into the market.


Wee red potatoes, freshly scrubbed. They enjoyed their bath.


Sometimes, it's all about presentation. Clearly, this was not one of those times. It might have been, but I happened to be on the phone with my sister the entire time I was making this. I managed not to cut my fingers off while slicing up the potatoes, which is miraculous, considering how sharp Rob keeps his Wusthof knives. Anyway, I put some olive oil in the pan, threw in the potaties, and smeared the goat cheese all over them. I found a bottle of sun-dried tomatoes (mmm, love) in the pantry, so I decided I wanted that flavor in there, too. Then, I meant to grab the salt and pepper shakers for some flavah, but I accidentally grabbed the cinnamon sugar instead! So there is a teeny bit of that in there. Hee. To make up for it, I added a teensy bit of cayenne pepper and called it good. It was pretty random.


I also had some organic vidalia onions from the shop, and I looove sautéed onions - especially vidalia - so I thought those would be good with The Potato Thing I Made, too. Only, the kids don't like onions at all, so I just kept these for Rob and I to throw on top of it later.

You see, at that point, I was still hoping they would LIKE The Potato Thing I Made. I can be so foolish at times.


Ooopsy! I chatted with my sister for a LONG time and burnt The Potato Thing I Made. I failed to set a timer or keep track of the time while we talked, so this is how it turned out. Looks totally delicious, right?! Ha.

But it was not a total fail. I thought it was just okay; it didn't taste the way I wanted it to, and I thought there should be less potatoishness and more cheesiness. The kids all hated it and had cereal instead. Rob, however, ate about nine helpings of it. He liked it, he really liked it!

I probably won't make it again. And if I do, I'll get off the phone. Promise.