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Sunday Stealing: The Eighty Meme, Part One

Saturday 9: Letters From The Sky

Letters from the sky

Saturday 9 is hosted by Crazy Sam. Link up with her here if you're playing along!

1. Do you believe that we will ever be contacted by beings from another planet?

Ever is a long time...

2. Have you or a family member ever traced your family tree?

My dad has, off and on. I follow along with his findings.

3. Did you ever consider an acting career?

Ha, no, not for me. Chloë, my 8yo, has been half-heartedly pursuing it since she was five, but it takes money, and that we don't have.

4. What is the funniest situation you’ve witnessed in a religious setting?

I can't think of a darn thing, sorry.

5. What's the first movie you remember ever seeing in a theater?

ET, maybe?

6. What's the most difficult confession you've ever had to make?

Um... That would be a tie between two things I have no intention of sharing here!

7. What is a city that you have visited and hated?

I can't really think of one, but I lived in Tampa for a year and was not too fond of it. Bleh, it had like, zero personality then.

8. Has anyone in your life been "the one who got away"?

Yes. This guy I went to college with... and that's all I'm gonna say about that. I'm happy now.

9. Why do you think the 10 foot duck walked into the bar on
Thursday Thunks?

Am I drunk, or does it really say that?