Friday Deals and Steals... Because It's Been A While
Sunday Stealing: The Crafty Fifty Meme, Part One

And More On The Bipolar Front

So I dipped again a little bit on Thursday. Enough to make me feel ready to try a Klonopin, but not so much that I was desperate like two nights previous, thankfully.

I was exhausted, and the kids had behaved badly all day, so I handed them over to Rob at 8 PM, took my meds including a Klonopin, and went to bed.

Oh. My.

It knocked me OUT for no fewer than 21 hours straight, and I was still a wee bit dizzy when I got up. I barely stirred in that entire time; I don't even remember getting up to use the bathroom, although I may have???

Can't hardly do that as a mother, although thankfully at least Rob was home, since he works nights. I mean, he sleeps during the day, but he was THERE and able to feed and water the kids and pets as needed, at least.

So I won't be taking that again anytime soon. And yes, it did make me numb, and yes, I kind of did rather like it. I had a sense of mellowness that is not a natural feeling for me. Melanie is not mellow, generally.


Rob had gone out earlier in the day, Friday, to get my van inspected. Remember I got that ticket an hour after the inspection sticker expired? We wanted to avoid more of the same, and so he went.

Well, poor Vanna failed her inspection. Badly. It was a shock to both of us. I mean, we knew she had some problems, but not THAT many and not THAT severe. And not THAT expensive.

We're talking thousands of dollars in repairs, at least as much as the ol' gal is worth.

Rob was pretty stressed out about when he called me. I was out of it, still in my stupor, so I don't remember what he said. I just remember asking him not to yell at me, because it was hardly my fault.

In the end, we decided that it was time to buy me a new vehicle, two years earlier than planned. Bummer, because she only has not even 64,000 miles on her.


I went to and answered all the questions about what kind of car I should buy. Eventually, it came back with some answers, and I decided to go for the 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander. We applied to our bank, online, for a loan, and about an hour or two later, we got it! WOOHOO!!!!!

So we made an appointment and oh, wait... this all happened THURSDAY, not Friday. See, my days are all screwed up. LOL The appointment to pick up the loan check, and to go for the test drive, were Friday. The failed inpsection and loan application and all that was Thursday. Capisce?

Anyway, whatever.

After Rob got back from his appointment Friday afternoon, he went to the bank to pick up the loan check. While he was gone, I finally managed to rouse myself enough to get dressed and take the kids out to clean all the crap out of Vanna. It took a while. I normally don't like to keep crap in my cars, but... kids. You know? I had at least a box worth of soggy Cheerios (oops, I left my windows down overnight, and it rained) all over the back of the van, AND I'm pretty sure at least one of the cats peed in there the night we were out roaming around while the house got bombed, so she smells lovely right about now.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah. So Rob got back with the check (WOOHOO, did I mention that?), and we went to the Mitsubishi dealer. The kids were beyond excited about getting a new car, especially - of course - Jack. Naturally, I was, too.

And then we were brought to the black Outlander I was planning on getting.

I hated it on sight. Okay, maybe "hated" is too strong a word, but I was immediately disappointed.

It's a huge step down from Vanna. Huge. Vanna seats 8 comfortably, is quite spacious, and has tons of cargo room in addition.

This car, which I named Monica (100 points and my total respect and amazement if you can figure out why, and no it has nothing to do with the TV show Friends), only seats 5, is completely cramped inside, and has virtually NO cargo room of which to speak. I'd have to shove my bags here, there, and everywhere if I wanted to get groceries when the kids were with me. Um, no thank you.

I test drove it with the sales rep next to me and the kids in back, and then Rob test drove it, same.

Neither of us liked it. I knew there was no way I was going to buy it. Sales lady pushed the sale. I asked her, can you just tell us how much you'd give us on the trade, at least?

So they worked out the numbers, and we were happily surprised with the amount they came back with (much of which had to do with the very low mileage on Vanna). And then we owned up: we hate the car, have no intention of buying it, BUT we will be happy to stay with the same family of dealers IF you give us at least that amount and a good deal.

So now we're considering the Honda Odyssey, which is truly what I want, but I don't know if we can get it. We may have to go back to the bank and ask them to increase the loan, and do I really want to do that? No, I do not.

It will have to wait 'til Monday now, because we have plans all day Saturday, and the dealer is closed on Sunday.  Bah! I am not a patient girl!

In the meantime, I guess I better reload Vanna with some of that crap. I mean, I miss my soggy Cheerios, people!


P.S. All varieties of our plants are up, in the garden. Remind me to take pictures tomorrow!

P.P.S. Notice the color is back in my posts? ;)