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Can't Unring That Bell!

So a few hours ago, I got a hair up my what? How does that go? Anyway, I decided to chop off all my hair. I skipped my May haircut, and then June... and then July, and here it is August and my hair is looking all ratty. See:


That picture amuses the poo out of me. It's my "stoned on coffee" look. Fo' real. Ignore the wacky eyeballs and look at the crappy hair. Now that I'm buying a new van, the haircut budget just flatlined, so I decided I would just go hack it off myself.

Eek! My sister is totally going to ream me (she's a stylist) for that, but I don't care, because after coloring it and chopping off my ponytail, I'm thinking it looks rather cutish:


So did I do the right thing? Or am I insane?

Oh, you're right. Those are not mutually exclusive. Whatever, I like it!