Saturday 9: Welcome Back
Oot And Aboot

Isn't She Lovely?


If you're just catching up, here is the new treasure in my life: we traded in Vanna for a new 2010 Honda Odyssey EX-RES. She has been 'home' since Thursday night, but she remains nameless as yet. It's really important to me, for some reason, to come up with the perfect epithet, but I have been unable to put my finger on it so far. I would prefer it to be something ocean-related, maybe something sharky, but I haven't come up with the right one just yet.


For now, even though CARE Package will be defunct by the end of this calendar year, I'm keeping the plates. I don't foresee giving them up, either, because the name has come to have a dual meaning for me: I mean, it's probably pretty obvious, since I'm driving around a minivan full of small children, right? Most people think that's what I mean, since they know nothing of the charity. And that's fine with me.


I LOVE this vehicle, which is why I wanted to drive and drive both Thursday and Friday nights after getting her. We spent hours Thursday and the ENTIRE night Friday (until 0600!) roaming around all of southside Hampton Roads, even considering going down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and back. Thank goodness we have the RES (Rear Entertainment System, ie, built-in DVD player with wireless headphones for the kiddos), because the children were able to sit back, relax, and watch a bunch of rented movies while Daddy and Mommy talked about a myriad of issues, both weighty and light. It was good for us.


Thank goodness Max, our beloved Hall Honda salesman, remembered to get my Navy Wife and UM Hurricane Alum license plate covers off Vanna, because I never would have remembered. Good ol' Max! I'm going to bake him something as a thank-you. He treated us so well; we couldn't have asked for better.


So there she is. Tried and rejected names so far include: Trixie, Ramona, and Sierra. I really love Trixie, but I associate that with a redhead, and since I didn't end up with the dark cherry red one after all, I can't use it. Ramona would be the new favorite, but I unthinkingly christened the white loaner Ody we had for a few days "Mona the Loanah," so that takes care of that. And I just don't like Sierra enough.


That's my seat. Don't get in it. Don't change my seat settings, don't move my steering wheel, and don't even THINK about changing my radio pre-sets!

The kids live back there. We'll be getting new carseats for The Littles, because booster seats just aren't cutting it for us. I can't wait. (Thank you to J, my carseat tech friend, for helping me figure out how to make my bebes ultra-safe on and in our new Odyssey!)


Look! The back floor is totally clean. I predict that will last for less than a week, which is why I took a picture of it.

So. Names? Help?