Saturday 9: Friends

Well, That Was Fast.

I'm better.

A LOT better. I had a rough night after posting last time (so, Tuesday night), and had to go to the ER. BUT, they refused to treat me, and I just walked away.

Saw my doctor on Wednesday. He prescribed a new med, to make me emotionally "numb."

I don't know about you, but that scares the shit out of me. I don't want to be emotionally numb. I don't want to be a zombie.

Anyway, ever since walking out of the ER, I feel like that was the bottom of this manic-depressive cycle, and I'm bouncing upward again. I feel so much better.

Not great. Not like before. But I'm getting there. Going higher and higher.

See, normally, when I'm good and "stable" (I was told by a fellow bipolarator that stability is a myth with this disease. Whatever. Eff that. I WAS stable), I like to drive fast(ish) with the windows down and the tunes blasting. In the summer, when it's warm.

These last few days or however long it's been, I haven't wanted that at all. No music, no noise, just quiet. You now how it's a sign of depression when you don't enjoy the things you usually enjoy? That was a sign for me.

Today, when I went to pick up Steph, Tim and Luke from the airport, I turned the radio on. And up. Not as loud as I might, but louder.

So here's to that. Cheers


Did I mention these two sucky things that happened the other night down at the beach, when we were in the middle of bombing our house? I don't think I did:

1. I broke my new, crappy camera. The girls had to use the bathroom, and Sophia's stall was out of toilet paper. I bent over to hand her some underneath the door, and my camera fell out of my bag and smashed into the ground. It's done. Now I have no way to take pictures except the iPhone. I'm despondent.

2. My annual vehicle inspection expired at midnight that night. We got back to Vanna less than an hour later, and I already had a ticket for it. Dang! Those cops ain't no joke!

I haven't slept in two nights. I've snoozed for an hour here and... well, just the once, I think. Something's gotta give.


P.S. I enjoy color in my posts, too, but right now it feels like black is right. You'll know I'm even better when the color returns.

P.P.S. Crap. I'm out of printer ink and it's time to put together my printable coupons for the weekly drugstore deals. Anyone wanna make a Walmart run for me?!