Sunday Stealing: The Majorly Personal Meme, Part The Last
38 Special

Knead To Feed


Two weeks ago (gosh, I'm so far behind here), we were headed up to Williamsburg for a couple days of sun and fun at Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, courtesy of their "Here's to the Heroes" program for military families. Between getting a hotel room up there, so we wouldn't have the hour-long drive home between park days, and spending $13 a pop to park at each venue (what a freakin' rip that is), we literally had nothng left over for buying the outrageously expensive - and pretty yucky, IMHO - food served there. So the plan was to pack a cooler full of food from home.

Only, we had nothing for lunches, so we had to get baking. I found a great recipe online for sandwich bread - highly recommended; makes 3 loaves and turns out much fabulouser than any bread machine bread I've made with the organic flours - and called the kids in to help make. Sophia helped, too, but I can't remember now why I didn't get a picture of her.

Of course, the kids LOVED the kneading part. They took turns, squeezing the dough until their muscles ached, before handing the bowl over to the nextly waiting child. Getting their hands in (of course, I made them wash their filthy paws and cleaned out their grimy fingerails first) was the best part, naturally. I told them to just go for it, and they really went for it, just ripping and tearing and pulling and pushing away the dough.

I think we'll only use the machine now for those times when we really don't have time to bake by hand. It just doesn't taste as good. Or look, either. We didn't even use the KitchenAid's dough hook this time. I wanted the children to experience every part of doing it "the old-fashioned way," although I have no problems with the dough hook. Love it, in fact.

Anyway, the bread turned out wonderful and made for some scrumptious sandwiches. Definitely a keeper.


P.S. We had a GREAT time at Busch Gardens the next day, and I intentionally didn't take a single picture of it. I just wanted to live in the moment and enjoy my family. We didn't make it to the waterpark that Wednesday, because I goofed, thinking we had one free day per park. It's actually one free day, period. Next year, we're gonna get wet!