Back In The Saddle Again
Poor Penelope's Pains

Live From New York


Aunt Stacey's presents for Chloë's 9th birthday arrived a few days early. I decided to go ahead and let her open them early for once, because, why not? The look on her face says that my sister nailed it. It's not hard to do (although I didn't get the same look when she opened her presents from us, so hmm), because she loves everything she receives. She is definitely a gracious gift receiver, unlike her little brother...


Obligatory "show me what you got!" pose


The Littles didn't miss out, since Aunt Stacey sent something for Surgery Boy and couldn't leave the Soapster out. 

I really can't call them the Littles anymore, since that implies they are both, um, little. And Sophia is now bigger than Chlo. The Youngies? Nah...


Each kid got a huge wad of Silly Bandz, and Jack got a Li'l Kinz (Webkinz) for his boy-pains. Aw.


This kid is CRAZY for Silly Bandz. Crazy.


This wasn't a badly-timed photo: Sophia really was that tired. Poor kiddo hasn't been sleeping well lately. It's actually been a problem for a little while now. It has me worried, naturally, given that I've struggled with sleeping for my whole life. I don't want to give her Benadryl every night. I don't know... Melatonin??

So, thanks for the pressies, Stace! They were enjoyed by three wee-wees!