Saturday 9: Hush
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Ivory Soap Experiment

I just got an email from Aurora of Supercharged Science to go get a bar of Ivory soap and stick it, naked and on a plate, in the microwave for less than two minutes.

So, I sent the still-awake Chloë upstairs to find a bar of Ivory soap. I knew we had some. Success!

We stuck it in the microwave, and here's what it did (both with and without flash, since I can't seem to figure out the settings on the 'new' camera Tabitha gave me yet):

Ivory Soap Experiment 003

Sorry about the oatmeal grossness...  She stuck it in the microwave without me, or I'd have cleaned it out first!

Ivory Soap Experiment 004

Pretty cool!

It was dry when I felt it, and a little hot but not too hot to touch. It came off easily, and we piled it all on the plate:

Ivory Soap Experiment 006

It's all flaky and, well, feels like dry soap flakes.

Chloë LOVED it and can't wait to do it again tomorrow with her sibs. Ten minutes later, she's still yakking on and on about how it was "the coolest thing EVER."


P.S. I don't know if I'll still keep doing the homeschooling blog separately from this one, since I can't seem to keep up with either one at the moment. I might just put that stuff here. Thoughts?