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Jack's Belt Loops

Just A Little Tip


This picture of Chloë at the State Fair didn't turn out very well, but that's not the point. I wanted to share a little hint I heard about a long time ago (and several times since): When you take the kids somewhere like this, where they can easily get lost, always take a picture of them at the beginning so you know what they were wearing and how they looked that day. That way, you can quickly get a very up-to-date picture, with a closing description, to the police if the worst should happen. I try to remember to do it, and this time, since Rob wasn't with me and I knew it would be even harder to keep track of my trio, I did. Fortunately, it never became necessary to show these pictures to anyone... except y'all.

The pictures of Sophia and Jack were pretty cute, though, so I'll show you those, too:


Nevermind the bad placement, with the sign behind her. I think Sophie's hair looks so cute in ponies and piggies, and every day I hope that she won't cut it again!


And how cute is the expression on Jack's face?! He is so adorable. I can't help it;  know he's my child, but he is so flipping cute!!