Wordless Wednesday: Blond or Not?
A Closer Look

Saturday 9: Friends, Again


Link up here if you're playing along today. And how young do they look?!

1. Do you make and keep friends easily?

No and no. Well, sometimes. Sort of. I don't know. I've burnt a lot of bridges, I guess, but I don't know if it's really more than the average person has. I mean, I have a LOT of longtime friends.

2. Who was your very first friend?

Ursula :D I could tell you a lot more about her, but maybe she wouldn't want all her identifying information on my blog, you know what I'm sayin'? So I'll just tell you that her mom, Olive, used to babysit my sister and me when we were really young. And yes, we're still friends. ;)

3. Who has been your friend the longest now?

Well der, that would be Ursula! Unless, of course, you count my sister, Stacey.

4. Tell us about your best friend.

Lisa is my very, very bestest-best friend. We met in 6th grade, and we were always friends, but maybe she became my very-very-best in high school. I had two BFFs, and so did she, me and another girl. It was kind of a weird dynamic. But anyway, Lisa. She's the greatest. She gets me in a way that very few people have EVER gotten me. She laughs at all my silliness, and she makes me laugh, too, hard. Those same few people have made me laugh that hard. Ahh. Love my Lis.

5. Tell us about the friend who gets on your nerves the most, and why.

Um, really? I'm supposed to say that? What if they're reading? Well, let's just say that this person can be pretty controlling and demanding, and it's always all about her, and it always has to be her way. The couple of times I've tried to assert myself a little with her, it's like the Cold War all over again.

6. Tell us about the last time you let a friend down.

Hmm. I'm thinking, I really am, and not to toot my horn or anything, but I can't really think of anything recent! I try not to do that... but if I did, please let me know.

7. Tell us about the last wonderful thing a friend did for you!

My friend Tabitha, from Bunco, gave me her camera! She upgraded hers, and she know I was stuck with a POS, so she just gave me her old one. It's nice, and so is she! :D

8. What was the last 'friend' thing you did?

I don't even know that I understand this question. Last thing I did WITH a friend, or for a friend? I hate ambiguity.

9. Have your ever been jealous of a friend's S/O?

Again with the ambiguity. Jealous of the friend, for having that S/O (yes), or jealous of the S/O, for some reason (why would I?) ??