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Sunday Stealing: The Something-About-New-England Meme

Sunday Stealing 

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1. Have you turned the heat on in your house yet this fall?

I turned it on last night. It was freezing!!! It had to be in the 40s! lol...

2. Do you allow your pets on the furniture?

 Our two cats have the run of the house, sure. Well, except for the kitchen counters and table, although they try to get up there, too.

3. What were your final words for September?

Oh yeah, I remember that.

4. What are your first words for October?

What the hell kinds of questions are these, anyway?

5. Do you think you’ve ever seen a ghost?

No. I don't believe in them, anyway. Watch, now I'll be haunted by one tonight.

6. What is the one color that represents this time of year?

Burnt Sienna

7. Which of your senses do you think is most sensitive this time of year?

I'll tell you what, these are some of the dumbest questions I've seen in a meme... and yet I continue.

8. What is your favorite thing to do at the county fair?

I love everything about the fair, but my favorite thing is to go on the rides. Tilt-a-Whirl, anyone?

9. What do you like when you have a cold?

Nothing, anymore. I can't eat chicken soup or drink OJ, so it's just a crappy two-weeks for me, huh?

10. Are you willing to spend over $100 for a piece of winter clothing, like boots or a coat?

 If I had $100 to spend on a winter coat, I would probably buy yarn and knit myself a sweater instead.

12. What do you have too much of in your kitchen?

Those copper Jell-o molds. I need to redecorate...

13. What gripes do you have about this time of year?

Nothing but the cold. I don't "do" cold. I swear I was meant to live on the Equator. Or, well, the Sun.

14. Other than yourself, are you responsible for getting anyone ready in the morning?

Ready for what? If we have to go somewhere, I wake up the kids and, depending on whether we're on a leisurely pace or in a mad rush to get to a field trip or something, I'll either sing "Rise and Shine" or shout, "Get dressed! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"

15. When was the last time you cleaned your gutters?

Never in this lifetime.

16. So, it’s after Labor Day. Will you still be wearing white?

I don't give a crap about any of those silly rules. Besides, what are you supposed to do with thick, wooly white sweaters? I have one or two. Or white winter coats? Or white boots? Or white glo... well, you get my point.

17. What shows are you most looking forward to this Fall?

No TV service here, but we do have Netflix. We're catching up on Dexter right now. Gawd, I ♥ that show.

18. What three things have you just not gotten around to from the summer, but probably should do before snow flies?

Putting away the Summer clothes and setting the kids up with their Fall wardrobe, and, uh, that's pretty much all I can think of, other than making asking for the 40th time the hubs to weed whack the front 'yard.'