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Field Trip: Hunt Club Farm (And The Usual Blah-Blah-Blah)

Last week, we had a field trip to Hunt Club Farm, which is where our family traditionally goes each October to go on a hayride, pick a pumpkin, and all the usual stuff. However, money's tight, so when I saw one of the local homeschooling groups was offering a special outing priced at only six bucks per child (and free for parents), and we usually spend waaaay more than that to go there, I jumped on board. I was hoping Rob would be able to go, too, but alas, he got switched back to daytime shift one day before we were set to go and missed it. Rats!

That morning sucked for me, too. We were supposed to be at the farm by 11:15 AM. I had lost my debit card the week before that, and the replacement still has yet to arrive. So, I've been borrowing Rob's when I need it, and that morning, I needed it. I hastily (because they've been sleeping late, and I've been letting them) woke up the children and fed them, and when it was almost time to go, my phone rang. I got sucked into a lengthy conversation, despite my protests that I was on the way out the door, and so... yes, I admit it, I continued the phone call into the car and down the road.

No, I didn't get into an accident. Which is good, since I've already had TWO in the new van. I'm dropping it off in the morning to get fixed. But I digress...

Anyway, I had to stop at the bank for some cash, and Penelope (the van) also needed refueling. I was below "empty" and didn't think I could make it all the way out to the distant farm on the remaining fumes. All the while, I yakked and yakked on the phone.

When I stopped at the drive-thru ATM, I put in the card, punched in my PIN, and tried to get some cash. Only, I had forgotten it was Rob's card, so of course the PIN was wrong. I couldn't remember his PIN, and I was on the phone already, so I couldn't call him to get it. So I canceled the transaction and drove off... leaving his card behind.

I knew I shouldn't continue the conversation and drive anymore, so I pulled into a parking space at the bank until I finished. Which took forever and a day, because this was a notorious talker, and I should never have answered the phone. While I sat there, an elderly couple drove by and motioned to me to roll down the window. I did, and she shouted that I had left behind Rob's card in the ATM, and she had brought it inside the bank for me. Phew, thanks!

After the call finally ended, I ran inside to get Rob's card. "We can't give it to you," they said, "without some identification." Gah! Of course, stupid me. I ran back out to get my wallet, and back in to show them my ID. Only then, they old me, "We can't give it to you, because it's not your card." Seriously? I have 37 different things in my wallet showing my name, which is the same last name as my husband's and ALSO, I am a joint owner on that account. I mean, really, now they were being ridiculous, and I was running super late by that point, and why didn't they tell me that the first time, AND now I had no way to get the cash I needed OR get gas to get to the farm!

I stomped out, fuming. I'm good at that. Fuming.

So I called Rob, all pissed, swearing a blue streak (some people out there, who only know me casually, would be shocked at the potty mouth I have when I'm angry!), telling him I needed him to go get his #$%^&* card at the bank and then bring it to me at the farm, because I seriously needed some gas. Thankfully, he was able to get out and go do that for me, or I would have been up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Fortunately, we made it to the farm without running out of gas, AND to a gas station afterward without getting stranded. Unfortunately, we were late to our field trip, and the hayride was first. Fortunately, we hauled arse to the hayride departure zone, and our group was just about to board. Unfortunately (have I told you about the "Fortunately/Unfortunately" car game? Remind me), the group leader, K., had left our tickets at the office, across the big parking lot from where we were. Fortunately, I've dropped 200 lbs and can now sprint with the best of 'em! Unfortunately, the kids did NOT stay put like I told them to, and raced after me in non-runnin-friendly shoes. Fortunately, we made it back to the hayride juuuuust in the nick of time, and they let us on-board. Whew. Day saved. And since hayrides are one of my absolute favoritest things about Fall, I forgot about all the earlier mess at the bank and resolved to enjoy our field trip.

On to the pictures (taken with the trusty iPhone, since I forgot the camera in my rush to get out the door):

Hunt Club Farm 001

Jack, who is badly in need of a haircut and reminds me of Captain Kangaroo, and Sophia on the hayride - hard to tell when someone blinks on the iPhone screen!

 Hunt Club Farm 002

Chloë, altogether too excited about something she has probably seen dozens of times in the past

Hunt Club Farm 003 

After the hayride, we were let into the petting zoo to visit the animals. Can you see inside the little green house? There were baby goats! And... a chicken, which thoroughly amused my brood.


Hunt Club Farm 005

We were all "awwww"ing when one of the kidlets wandered out for a suckle. So wee! I don't think I'd ever seen a goat this small before, so it was a joy.


Hunt Club Farm 006

A piggy, which Chloë kept cracking me up by calling a "warthog" - mayhaps we've seen The Lion King once too many?

 Hunt Club Farm 007

Next there was a cage that housed all kinds of different birds, from turkeys to doves to an African Crowned Crane. Sophia loves birds, so it wasn't until Chloë shouted out, "Look, a pony!" that we were able to drag her away from them. Lately, Sophia is all about "ponies, unicorns, and horses," as she tells me.


Hunt Club Farm 009

The afore-mentioned pony, in which Jack had zero interest.

Hunt Club Farm 010

A zebu, which I kept calling a "cow," until I saw the sign. Which may not have been wrong, actually, since this is a type of cattle. I just don't know if it was a lady-zebu or a gentleman one, and I didn't get up close enough to, er, check...


Hunt Club Farm 012

The chicken habitat is always a favorite of kids, mine and all others'. They're allowed to pick up and hold any they can catch, and boy, do they try! I imagine the chickens are well and truly traumatized by the time Sophia gets through with them, although I do my best to keep her from chasing them!

 Hunt Club Farm 015

My current favorite snap, and also my desktop picture. Love!

Hunt Club Farm 016

What's in here??

Hunt Club Farm 017

Why, it's Soapy, trying to hide from her mama!

Hunt Club Farm 018

"Mommy, look at me! I'm doing it!" (right before she fell off)


Hunt Club Farm 020

The $6 admission included a small pumpkin for each child, which was great because we wouldn't have had money for one otherwise. They all were SO careful in picking out the perfect pumpkin - although somehow Chloë's ended up being rather, um, interestingly shaped!

Hunt Club Farm 023

All-in-all, it was a fun outing, even if we didn't get the educational talk about farming that we were expecting. Stay tuned for more Halloween updates later this week!