I Think I Like It
Our Corolla!

Not Just For Dogs

So the other day, I was actually doing laundry (it hasn't happened much this last quarter-annum; ask Rob) for once, when I turned and found this in the master bath:


That cat was so far into the toilet, having a drink (note to self: remember to fill the cats' water dish once in a while), that I couldn't believe she didn't fall in. Of course, I had to grab the iPhone and take a picture - what else should one do?


This is her seriously "Perturbed at Being Disturbed" glare. Oooooh, Star! You so scarreh!

(I was hesitant to post this picture, lest y'all think the shower is really that nasty. It's not. The insert cracked, and Rob repaired it. It works, but it's SO ugly and looks nasty. It'll have to be re-repaired before we try to sell this mess house!)