Saturday 9: Watching The Wheels
I Think I Like It

So Far Behind, I Think I'm First!

Busy, busy, busy. Whew! Have I mentioned we've been busy?

It's 0700 right this second, and I have been up all night. But don't worry about me and my lack of sleep, because - get this - last week, I slept all night for FIVE whole nights in a row! Five! You know when that happened last? I'm not sure, but I know it wasn't this calendar year. And, I have The Sick, so I spent all day Friday lyin' on the couch after sleeping the whole night through. School? What school?

Green is my favorite color - blue-green, actually, the color of the water in the Carib - but I like to type in this shade of blue the best. Don't ask me why that is or why I'm sharing it. You asked me to write more than just memes, so take what you can get, man! ;)

I know I still owe you lots of Halloween pictures, and I may or may not get to that tonight, but not right now. I'm missing some, so I have to go on the hunt. But, I think they will be worth the wait. And seriously? Halloween was already a week ago? What the hell, time? Could you possibly go a little faster?!

(Those of you without children may not be aware that when your kids are young, time goes faster than it does for other people. What is it they say? Oh, yes, "The days are long, but the years are short." It's so true. So true.)

Here's something you're probably dying to know: After I publish a blahg post, I usually try to read it on the screen you see. I do that for two reasons: I like to read (and laugh at) my own (often corny) writing, and it's easier to proofread there. Sometimes, like when I've spent too long on and am utterly sick of a post, I skip that until later. And then, I am invariably chagrined to find at least three things that need correcting. I imagine that you're all keeping details lists of my typos and just-plain-wrongos... You are, aren't you? Don't lie to me.

Just for fun, I'm not going to post-read this one. Now go through it and find the mistakes, and leave them in the comments.


Okay, okay, that was just a teaser post. You probably won't even read this until I've gone through the pictures and published at least one more. But, if you manage to squeak a comment in by me before I do, you get, well... you get a big damn gold star.