Unexpected Disappointment

Full Disclosure

When we got to our hotel in Richmond (which was ab-fab, btw), there was a full-length mirror in the room. When I walked by it, I thought I looked pretty good, so I grabbed my iPhone to take a picture of The Self:


Pretty smokin', right? ;) But what you can't see in this picture, and what people never believe me, is that the clothes are hiding a multitude of sins. I'm not ready to strip down to my skivvies for the blog yet - maybe after my plastics, I'll grin and bear it! - but after taking off the jacket, I offer you Exhibit A:


Ugh. Look at that belly. It's even worse naked. Totally not hot. It's not just there, but that's the most obvious problem. I have a LOT of work to do, under the knife, if I don't want to continue looking like a human Salvador Dalì painting!