On The Seventh Day Of Christmas
On The Ninth Day Of Christmas

On The Eighth Day Of Christmas

Here we go again, for Day 8:

003 (5)

Chloë's been asking to shave her legs for a while now, but I haven't wanted to let her, because I don't want her to cut herself. So she got some Veet, which will be good for practice at first. 

004 (5)

More games, which the kids were excited about... but how funny is her hair? She's always doing silly stuff with it. My funny girl... ♥

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*Picture added for cuteness

 007 (4)

I picked up this bow-and-arrow set in Tennessee, too.  It wasn't expensive, and I knew he would like it. And that's all I have to say about that.

008 (4)

Of course, he immediately wanted to play with it, so Daddy showed him how. Daddy's good at it. Jack's okay. I suck. I'm actually good at 'real' archery, or at least I was in my 1990s gym classes. I'm no Geena Davis or anything, but I wouldn't stand in front of me when I'm packin', if I were me. Wait, I am.

010 (3) 
I started feeling badly for Chloë, who still had 'extra' presents in her pile, so when she opened a toiletry item, I let her open something else, too. She ended up with three different versions of Monopoly this year - this being the second - but it didn't dampen her enthusiasm. That girl is a lot like her Mama, emotionally. She feels everything so strongly, and when she's happy, she's ecstatic. Great, I think I just realized my 9-year-old may be bipolar, too. Moving swiftly along...

011 (3) 
Grandma (Rob's mom) sent a goodies for us, and we opened them that night, too. This was the first of two Hallmark recordable books, which Grandma 'read' into for the kids to listen to. (Ignore the grammar of that sentence, please!) She has sent two or three of them in the past, and they absolutely love it.

Another Hallmark 'listen' book, this time it was the story of the First Christmas. We listened to this on Christmas Eve again and then had our annual discussion of the birth of Jesus.


Jack was excited to get a book of his own, even though he's always grousing about getting books for presents. He's just a born complainer, though, because every time he gets a book, you'll find him hunkered down with it in a corner for three days straight. What a goose!


Lots more books. Grandma is the Book Grandma. And that's just the way we like it. Our shelves overfloweth!



I think they had these crafts finished that night, and they had a ball with them, of course. They could scarcely wait to rip open the packages and get going!


Miss Chloë, an avid reader, excited about more material


She got so many, the other two kids were starting to feel left out - until I explained that when they were old enough and could read well enough, they could read them, too! That satisfied them. And have I mentioned here that Sophia is a reader now, too? She's kicking butt and taking names in that department, yes, she is!


Little cell phone erasers for the crew - too cute!


My little poser showing off her annual Hallmark ornament. Grandma always sends them this time of year, and they're always trés appropriate for the recipient. This year, I got two: a red mixer, and a schoolhouse. I LOVED them!!!


All our Grandma goodies - thanks, Mom!!

Stay tuned for #9...