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On The Fifth Day Of Christmas

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This fell on 4 December, when we were due to go out of town again for one night, for a quickie hotel shop in a small town in northern North Carolina. So we did the Advent at home, but we brought the presents with us to the hotel. The kiddos liked that bit. (And I know you can see her ribs, but seriously, we feed her. Sophia never. stops. eating!)

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These little Whitman's samplers didn't fit in the Advent box, so I had them stashed and taped creatively all over the place. It was a great plan - except when I started losing track of them and had to start subbing in whichever one I could find that day, and that threw things even further off track... oh, it was great confusion. But in the end, they still got their junk fix, so I'm still the "Best Mom Ever" in my kids' world. What else matters?

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Sweets for my Sweet Babboo


That night in the hotel, Sophia got to go first again. (Usually, it was decided by a 'test' question on something we've studied at home so far this year.) She got this little game, a round pie-shaped box filled with discussion topics for family dinners. I thought it would be fun, and she was excited about it, as you can see. When we got home the next day, somehow the box fell out of the van, and I didn't realize it until I'd driven over it. The cards were fine, but the box was destroyed, and she was PISSED at me. Have you ever seen a five-year-old really angry at their parent? It's pretty funny.


I think this was the "please don't let it be toothpaste" look.


Definitely not toothpaste! He'd been admiring these slingshots in one of the restaurants we visited in Tennessee, so I snagged one (and the necessary ammo) when he wasn't looking. He was so surprised, since I'd seemingly put my foot down on that one! Knock on wood, no one's been pegged in the forehead with a little wooden ballie... yet.


I had a gift card (well, a bunch of gift cards) for a store I don't frequent, so I finally decided to pounce when I saw they had games and toys on sale. When I saw this pink and purple Webkinz kitty, I knew he had to belong to Chloë. She. Whatever. I was right. She was ECSTATIC. This child is a major drama queen, so everything is always the "best ever" to her, but this one really was. Score!

Taking a break to grab some caffeination, and then I'll be back with Day Six.