Cheers From Christmas Past
On The Second Day of Christmas

On The First Day Of Christmas

Our family tradition, which we skipped last year, is to do 12 days of Christmas, culminating with The Day Itself. (I know you're supposed to start on the 25th, but frankly, I can't wait that long, so we end on it instead.)

Also this year, since the kids no longer believe in Santa, I had to get creative with getting expected behavior out of them. Easy peasy, I just started in with the 12 days wicked early, and spaced them out every three days, in exchange for clean rooms. It worked great. The only downside is that it's now over, and I'll have to figure out a new way to keep those rooms clean. Believe you me, this is no small feat.

So, the first day:


The boy knew exactly which of his 12 presents was the one he wanted: the helicopter he'd picked out from after we went to the State Fair.  He wanted a tractor toy like he saw there, but when we got on the website, he found this and a log skidder that he absolutely "had" to have instead, so... here it is. He was very happy with this, of course.


Sophia went right for the biggest present in her pile, no surprise. She got a pink Razor scooter, which I'd gotten for free on with my Swagbucks rewards. (Got lots of those, as you'll see in the upcoming posts!) Unfortunately, their helmets don't fit anymore, so they haven't gotten a chance to ride it yet. I hope we can take care of that soon, because they're excited to try it out!


Chloë got lots of more "grown-up" toiletries and things this Christmas, so I often let her open a few little things at once. She picked small ones the first day, including this LipSmackers strawberry tube, over which she went unexpectedly gaga!


A little Secret, and some hair stuff... the first of lots of hair stuff. She got sick of it; it became a bit of a joke. We'd all crack up laughing when she opened yet another package for taking care of curls! 

Anyway, that's Day One. More to come!