On The Third Day Of Christmas
On The Fifth Day Of Christmas

On The Fourth Day Of Christmas

001 (4) 

The kids alternated whose job it was to open that day's Advent box. It was an important job. Thankfully, 24 is evenly divisible by 3, so everyone got an equal number of turns. Phew.

002 (4)

Uh-oh... what's this crap? More hair stuff? Ugh.

003 (4)

Luckily, Chloë is a professional, and she was able to whip out her best "I'm not disappointed" grin for Mom.

005 (4)

Jack has received no such training and couldn't even whip out a "my present sucks" smirk. The funny thing is, he ASKED for this toothbrush, but he was still disappointed. It didn't have wheels, after all. After a minute, though, he thought it was funny, and all was well.

006 (4)

Sophia thought it was pretty hysterical that she got toothpaste, and all three of their presents that day were "booby prize" type gifts. We all ended up having a good laugh about it. They can't all be winners!