On The Tenth Day Of Christmas
On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas

On The 'Leventh Day Of Christmas

Check out this bunch of hams:

002 (7)

Jack finally gets his game...

 004 (7)

I think I got this 3D puzzle with a gift card, too. Can't remember. For all these presents, I really didn't spend a whole lot out of pocket. Go me!

006 (6)

I know. More of the same. But wait, there's more!

007 (5)

That face, at last, was genuine. And no, we still haven't played a single one of these games the kids got. The living room is still a giant mess, and you know what? I'm tired. We'll get to 'em later this week. Swears.

One more Christmas post. It's the big one. I'm gonna go brave the ice for some Coke. If I don't come back, well... then it was a stupid thing to do!