On The Eighth Day Of Christmas
Dearly Beloved: Part The Third

On The Ninth Day Of Christmas

Finally in the home stretch...!


I absolutely hate this picture of Sophia. I guess I could have left it out, but then you might never know that I gave her a new toothbrush for Christmas, and well, that would just be awful.


I got this doll and puppy (can't remember what kind right now, but maybe someone will recognize her and tell us) with points from being a Nielsen household and scanning in everything we buy. I was going to use them for something else, but I knew she would like this better than whatever that was I wanted, and I was right. These two are always in sight since then! Sophia is a true doll lover.


The expression belies the true emotion, which was really happy. He was. A big 'yay.'


I think she was laughing here, about getting more hair stuff. I didn't know she was going to cut it off when I wrapped everything for her!


Ah, now I see, THIS is the second time she got a Monopoly game - the other was the first. My bad. But she was thrilled to get these card games after seeing them in my gift closet so long ago!

Sigh... do I have three more Christmas posts left in me? Not terribly much, but I suppose I can't stop now, can I? And leave you hanging? That would just be rude. Guess I'll go get me a cup of coffee, since we're too snowed in for a Diet Coke right now!