On The Sixth Day Of Christmas
On The Eighth Day Of Christmas

On The Seventh Day Of Christmas

A little bonus: during our PA trip, the kids got to have a sleepover with their Aunt Stacey (my sister), who had Christmas presents for them to open during the visit. She sent me all the pictures, but for some reason, I can only access this one of a newly-trimmed Chloë:

@ Aunt Staceys

You just try and tell me she isn't freakin' cute!! I LOVE the hair. She looks so grown-up with it shorter like that. It was her idea. She couldn't stand the pain of me brushing out the snarls anymore, poor kid. Anyway, onto Day 7, when we were still on our PA trip:

Pa trip 144

I got this with a gift card, so basically for free. Jack keeps this mini-Simon in the car and plays it all the time. I like that, even if the beeps and buzzes startle me when he first starts going! (Speaking of which, how annoying is it when police sirens and horn beeps play on the radio? I always think it's for real. That should be against the rules!)


Pa trip 145

That poor kid got tween-age toothpaste that night. Next year, not so many toiletries. I promise, Chloë!

Pa trip 146 

The cutest little ragamuffin ever - hey, at least she's got clothes on for once! (Yes, she really is mostly-naked all the time. It's so hard to keep clothes on this wee nudist!)

Pa trip 149

I adore this expression. She was so excited to get her own pair of binoculars, after constantly pilfering Daddy's pair to look at everything and anything under the sun. I spotted these on an end rack in Walgreens while we were in Tennessee, and the price was right, so I snuck them in the cart when she wasn't looking. I couldn't wait to see her open them, but the wait was worth it. It's so cute now, to see her coming down the stairs when them looped around her neck.

More to come...!