Dearly Beloved: Part The Third
On The 'Leventh Day Of Christmas

On The Tenth Day Of Christmas

So we're snowed (and iced, more dangerously) in, and I can't get out for a Diet Coke. It's tragic. Guess you'll just have to put up with me sitting here and talking about pressies s'more. I'm almost done though, and then we can get onto other things. Yes?

001 (6)

I got this from a shop on Etsy, the name of which I can't remember at the moment, but the creator's name is Brooke. And she's very nice. When I was doing the giveaway blog this past summer, she sent me a "C" for Chloë and a gift certificate for something else. So I saved up that gift card and got this "S" for Sophia. The ribbons are for hair doodles. This lovely doodad now holds a special spot in the bathroom and is COVERED with all things hair accessory.

003 (6) 

More cars for Jack, always a hit.


004 (6)

Chloë reminded me that I'd given her this same lotion last year, which I didn't remember a-tall, so I was glad when she said she really liked it!

005 (6)

Yet another Monopoly. I didn't even plan to give her three... I guess I just wasn't paying attention when I doled out the gifts. She doesn't seem too bothered by the redundancy though, huh?

And that, my friends, was the 10th day of Christmas.