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On The Third Day Of Christmas

The suckiest thing happened, and I'm not sure I already blogged about it, so forgive me if you've heard this one. The new van has a DVD player in it, so we always carry the kids' DVD collection everywhere we go now. Well, I took them with us when we had the rental during the repairs, but I couldn't find them when it was time to turn the rental back in to Progressive. They were just ... gone. The whole three cases' worth just disappeared. The only thing I could figure out was that Rob had taken them into the house, thinking he was doing me a favor (not realizing it would actually drive me crazy, because I wouldn't be able to find them), so I finally gave up the search and turned in the vehicle. Well, he didn't. So even though I notified Progressive that they might still be in the rental car, I essentially gave away their extensive DVD collection that day. It pains me every time I think about it. Terribly sucky. Now I'm slowly working on rebuilding a collection for them - but man, oh man, have I been grateful for the library loaners when we've been traveling so much lately! I jumped on this Veggie Tales collection when a Christian website had the normally $75+ 10-DVD set on sale for about thirty bucks! I thought I'd be able to break that up into 10 individual presents for the kids (save some green, you know), so I was a little disappointed to find them without cases and packaged as below, but it worked out in the end. And we love Veggies. So without further ado, I present to you Day Three:


Bob and Larry really helped make our Pennsylvania trip a smooth one!


006 (3)

I know they aren't very exciting, but I always love to take "anticipation/opening" pictures. The moment before they find out what they've got is always fun for me. Sometimes it's anticlimactic, but this year, I think we worked it out, despite the financial struggle we're having at the mome.


008 (2)

After failing to find the Log Skidder in the previous day's package, Jack nailed it on Day Three. Happy, happy kid.

009 (2) 

Chloë did her usual squealy-screamy reaction when she found her fake Pillow Pet that day. She got a kitty. She loves kitties. (*understatement alert*)


Finally, that day, it was the First of December, so we started the Advent box, too. Unfortunately, my heart just hasn't really been in it this year, so we haven't even done most of the activities I filled in for each day. Fortunately (there's that game again), they get candies every day in the boxes, so their disappointment is quickly masked by the ensuing sugar high...



It pretty much always fell on Chloë to read the daily Advent activity. Jack had no interest, and Sophia couldn't read until very recently. (What's that? She can read NOW? Yes, she can! Sophia can read!! She deciphers new words every day and is thoroughly delighted with this newfound skill. I'm so stinking proud of her - and myself, a little bit, for helping her get there, too. Hee!)


I was going to say something obvious about their getting lollipops, but then I looked at the picture and was taken away by how beautiful these three people are. Am I right? You know I am. *gush*

Coming right up... Day Four!