On The 'Leventh Day Of Christmas
Sweetness And Light

On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas

Hmm. Somehow I'm only ending up on Christmas Eve here, and we still have Christmas Day. Did I miscount? Am I confused? It's entirely possible. But never mind that. I made it back from 7-11, and in record time. You're so relieved, I can tell. On with the post, then.

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Aww. Jackie was asking where his "pillow pet" was for DAYS, ever since the girls got theirs, and he finally got his - dead last. Happy boy. ♥

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I know. You don't have to say it. 


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This child has no excuse for bad hair!

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Another little game I got with gift cards. Hm. We really oughtta clean up the living room so we can have a game day tomorrow, am I right? 

013 (2)

Everyone got two that day, because it was the last day and that's what was left. This little car launcher was so inexpensive, but it made him happy. I'm down with cheap thrills.

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Sophia had her present (actually out of her stocking from my dad, because we were short one) open and half put-together before I had a chance to photo it. Silly goil.


This was Christmas Eve, when we traditionally open our stockings. Only the kids had them this year, and it was a last-minute addition when I picked up three party store shops that paid for them. Otherwise, we'd have had to do without, and that would have sucked big donkey balls. I'm all about the Christmas traditions. Growing up, we had one major tradition for Christmas: a big family fight. We're doing it completely different... but here I am going off on a big ol' tangent

So I'm gonna go grab my meds, and then figure out where I went wrong on the count, because I skipped a day, too. Ha. I know you don't care, but I have jes' a tech of the OCD, and it's gonna drive me crazy. So, yeah. Meds.