On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas
Saturday 9: Do Ya

Sweetness And Light


So one day last week, I had a pizza carry-out shop that took us into downtown Norfolk. Not a terribly rare occasion, but when I noticed that the Carolina Cupcakery was right next door to the pizza place, I got excited! I've been Facebook friends with them for a while, but I'd never made it into the shop. Well, that settled it - I had to go in and get some goodies for the fam. My friend Michelle of Gymbohannah fame - the first person to do a giveaway for me last summer - works there, too, so it was extra-special.


I wasn't planning on getting myself a cupcake, but then I spotted these carrot cake minis on top of the counter, and, well, I lurve me some carrot cake. So those came right home with me.


Michelle hooked me up with some yummy cupcakes for everyone else, too. They waited in the car while I picked them out, you see. It was a surprise.


Chloë asked for something Christmassy, so Michelle suggested this yummy peppermint candy cane treat. Chlo said it was "soooo gooooood!"


Rob's goody was a chocolate peanut butter number that I was a wee bit jealous of, because seriously? What flavor combination rocks harder?


Jack and Sophia didn't put in special requests, so I asked Michelle for something kids would like, and she chose Party Cake cupcakes. Yup, she was right.


Judging by the way the kids gobbled them right down, they were pretty scrumptious!


My wee cuppy-cake was oh, so good. I enjoyed it. Then I took a nap, and then I ate the other three. Seriously, I did! They were delicious. I mean, yeah, I got really sick on them, but um, it was worth it.


So, yeah. If you're ever in Ghent, in Norfolk, or way out on Carmichael way in Chesapeake, stop into the Carolina Cupcakery. You won't be disappointed.

Ask for Michelle.