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A Quickie With Martha

It's been a pretty productive day for us, homeschool-wise. We tend to laze around in the morning, have lunch, and then school the rest of the day, past dinnertime. It's what works for us, and that's one of the wonderful freedoms afforded to us by homeschooling. We mostly worked on reading today, and the kids each did several pages out of their workbooks. That's another thing I like to do: rather than hop around from subject to subject like they do in public school, we can stick to one thing if we get engrossed in it, and spend the whole darn day doing it if we like. And we like.

Anyway, that's totally not what this post was about! While the kids and Daddy were having their dinner, I was looking around for my next "what do I fill my brief break with?" activity. You know what I mean, if you're a mom. If you have five minutes, you look for a five-minute project. Right? I mean, I suppose I could have thrown in a load of wash or tidied up the guest bathroom, but as usual, I chose to do a craft project.

I get several of Martha Stewart's daily tip emails, and I always look forward to them. I confess, I love that woman. When she was in jail, she was pretty near me, and I thought about going to visit her, even! My sister thinks that's hysterical. She can kiss my butt.

So this was today's craft project, and I thought, "Well, I could do that." I usually file the doable projects away in the back of my brain for a later time, but this one just stuck with me. Probably because I knew I had all the materials on hand already. During my dinnertime break, I rushed to grab all the supplies and try my hand at embossing some ribbon using stamps!


The first thing I did was practice on the extra length of velvet ribbon I had cut off from what I needed, and I quickly burned a hole through it. Whoops, my iron setting was too high. I moved it down three settings after burning a hole three times. Finally, "synthetic" worked. Yay.


Can you see it? It says "BIRD" and has three little birdies on it. Chloë ordered me to add an "s" since there were three, but I refused to do it just because she told me to. I'm stubborn like that.


I've had this keepsake box forever. I forget exactly where I got it from, to be honest, but it's been sitting around empty with my scapbooking stuff for years. It was just the right size for my length of ribbon. 


Of course, once I put the ribbon on it, I had to put something IN the box, so I chose to move the pile of Christmas pictures and special cards from friends and family into it. Yes, that'll do.

The whole thing took me about 10-15 minutes, including the part where I burned my ribbon onto the iron and said a few bad words. I messed up a few things, like putting the ribbon on the box backward and stamping the words backward on the back half of it, but it's cool. It was my first time, y'know? Next time, I'll know better what to do.

Try it, won't you?