Wordless Wednesday III: Jack, Entirely Too Excited About Being Tied Up
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Field Trip: Winter Wonderland At Hunt Club Farm

Last month (oh, I still haven't shown you Halloween pictures, which I probably won't now, or the South Carolina and Pennsylvania trip pictures, which I'm not sure I will now, either...), we went on a Field Trip to Hunt Club Farm again. This time, they were doing their Winter Wonderland extravaganza (my term), and the price was right, so we partook.

Winter Wonderland Hunt Club Farm

For the first part of our experience, we went through the semi-indoors display, showing all kinds of lighted winter vignettes. It was pretty cool and the kids really enjoyed it. (Click to make bigger.)


After the lights, we moved on to the "live nativity" that was supposed to be there. It was pretty lame, though. We found this, and...


...this. Really? Yeah, not so impressed. Moving along... 


The girls had a fun time in this maze of lights, and, I confess, I did too. Labyrinths are fun, what can I say?


For a dollar, I got an ice cream cone full of goat feed for the kids. It was completely worth the buck to see Jack enjoying himself so thoroughly. Of all the kids, he is the hardest to please, and I do try.


Jack made sure to feed the babies down below, too.


The hot chocolate was ridiculously overpriced, but the kids were freezing, so I allowed it. Of course, Sophia spilled half of hers, which is a daily occurrence 'round here.


The kids were absolutely driving me crazy until we took them to what they had been waiting impatiently for - the bonfire! There were actually about a half-dozen separate bonfires set up around the property, with benches around them, so there would be plenty of room for everyone. I had been wondering how they'd set that up.


At first, the kids just wanted to watch the fire. That lasted about 2½ seconds, until one of them remembered the big bag of marshmallows I'd brought for roasting. C'mon, Mom, break 'em out!


Daddy two-fisting the marshmallow roasters


The kids quickly gobbled up the entire bag of marshmallows, which they roasted for approximately 3 seconds each. Not me, I like my marshies crispy and brown! I tried to 'burn' one for Chloë, but she looked at me like I had grown three extra heads. Fine, more for me.


I didn't think to bring hot dogs and buns for the bonfire, mostly because ... ew, hot dogs? But the kids were starving, and they were selling them there for pretty cheap, so I figured what the hell. In the end, the four of them ate about a dozen hot dogs! Made for an inexpensive - and fun! - dinner. Speaking of fun dinners, I'm thinking I need to either break out and use my fondue set someday soon, or stick it on Freecycle.


I will not make the obvious joke here. I will not make the obvious joke here. I will not make the obvious joke here. I will not make the obvious joke here. I will not make the obvious joke here...


So that was our fun little field trip that almost wasn't! I got out of the hospital that morning, just so I could take the kids on this small adventure. I probably would've stayed in at least three more days if it wasn't for that, but I really wanted to go! I'm glad we did, because they had a terrific time, and there's nothing I like better as a mom than seeing my kids enjoying themselves.