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Monday Steals & Deals

I'm going to try and keep it brief again this week, because I have SOOO much to do and actually want to try and sleep tonight! Some stores were better than others, and I could have done better overall than I did, but it was a good week. Thanks, as usual, go to Collin at Hip2Save for helping me put these awesome deals together - check out her amazing blog!


Walgreens - I rocked Wags this week! I got two 12" Red Baron pizzas, 2 boxes of Keebler Club crackers, 2 24-ct pkgs of Stayfree pads, a huge bottle of Crest ProHealth mouth rinse, 6 bottles of Maalox, 2 pints of Starbucks ice cream, 3 1-lb bags of Wonderful Pistachios, 6 bags of Chex Mix, 2 Toblerones, 3 Snickers bars, and a small toy for each of the kids for...


Well, they paid ME ten bucks to take it home!! Yeah, buddy. Read Collin's blog, seriously. (I would have been four more dollars ahead, but I forgot to hand over a few coupons. Dangit!!)



Target - a pretty good haul here, too, but more out of pocket. I bought (10) Healthy Choice frozen meals, (2) bags of Lindt truffles (hells yeah!), (4) boxes of Nature Valley granola bars, (2) bags of Party Mix cat treats, (1) bag of peanuts, (2) 10-ct boxes of Finish powerball tabs, another jar of Maaolox, (2) bags of Kraft shredded cheese, (2) pkgs of Oscar Mayer Deli-fresh meat, (4) Ortega taco seasoning envelopes, (2) bags of marshmallows, a Rimmel mascara, and a Rimmel nailpolish for...  $16.48. Not awesome, but not too bad.

CVS - This was okay but also not as fantastic as the Walgreens deals. I bought (5) 12-packs of Coke, (4) bottles of Welch's grape juice, (2) bottles of Xtra laundry detergent, (3) tubes of L'Oréal lip gloss, a 6-pack of Pediasure shakes, (1) box of Kashi GoLean Crunch, and (2) bottles of Crest ProHealth rinse.

For all that, I paid about $22. We drink a lot of Coke, though, so I stocked up a little. :)


Not a lot of deals at Rite Aid this week. For the above, I ended up making $8.74 in profit.

So overall for the four stores - all that stuff in the pictures above - I paid less than twenty dollars.

Pretty good. Pretty, pretty good.