I'm Too Sexy For This Post
South Carolina



The first thing we did after arriving in Richmond ayer por la tarde was have lunch. Exciting, I know. I'd brought bread, peanut butter, Nutella - and the all-important knife, which I am wont to forget - and let the kids eat sammiches on the bed. After I thoroughly examined the room, of course, which I guess was technically the first part, but that goes without saying, right?

Then I took a nap. I was 'zausted!

Richmond 007

After my nap, we went down and did the dinner portion of the shop, in the hotel restaurant. OMG, the service was extraordinarily slow, which made no sense, considering the only people in the restaurant were us and the extremely obnoxious group of ladies women at the next table over. (Why did they have to seat us RIGHT next to them, when the restaurant was empty? Geez.) Anyway, the food took so long to arrive, Sophia had time to catch a quick nap on the bench next to me. Like, for real. It was slow.



Jack's reaction after learning that kids eat free at this particular hotel - and that ice cream was included. Okay, maybe it was me clapping about the "free" part. 


"Did someone say 'ice cream'?!!"


Richmond 011 

I sent a million iPhone pix to Rob at home, including this "I miss you!" snap. Can't accuse me of having thin lips!

Richmond 012

Chloë had a rough day yesterday. She woke up with a migraine, and so she threw up, as she always does when she gets one. After eating her dinner, before the ice cream came, she had a bellyache. She's still gorgeous, even sick, though!

Richmond 013

Sophia was still tired after the food came, and then it took another eternity for the rest of the meal, so she snoozed a little more. It was stupid of me to let her, because then she was up well after midnight!

Richmond 015

She was posing all cute a little while later, and I tried to take pictures of her, but the iPhone flash was too bright. It happened again in this picture, which I showed her. She said, "Oooh, it looks like I have eye powers!"

Richmond 016

"Here, you stupid flash!"

Richmond 017

"Mom, do a face with me! ...are you doing one?"

Richmond 008

Finally, the ice cream came. Jack dug in IMMEJUTLY!

Richmond 009

Chloë gave her approval.

Richmond 010

The sisters are always copy-catting each other lately!

 Richmond 018

There was a little basketball game in the back corner, so the kids played with that - with some of the restaurant staff - while we waited another eternity for the check to come.

 Richmond 019

Jack even managed to make a few baskets! Oh, wait, no... that was me.

Richmond 020

Eventually, the restaurant staff moved the basket down to the kids' level, and they were able to make shot after shot. They liked that, because the machine cheered for them!

Richmond 021

Jack being sweet with Mama


We visited the business center so I could check my email evaluate it, and look! at this mouse! It's freakin' huge! What the heck?!

 Richmond 022

After their bath, Sophia made herself an outfit out of the bedding and my shoes, and apparently this was her wedding dress. How cute is that?!

 Richmond 023

Like I said, copycats! Look how skinny she is compared to Baby Sis, dang. Oh well, it's the same with my big sister and me.

That's it for the state capitol photo show. Maybe I'll be back tonight with South Carolina pictures, at long last!