Sweet Child O' Mine
Sunday Stealing: The Ace Meme, Part Three

Feast Your Eyes On This


Also on Thursday evening, before Team Odette had to rush off to get Sophia to CHKD for her sleep study, our two Girl Scout troops met at the church where we meet, for our annual feast. It was supposed to happen in the Fall, but weather and scheduling difficulties meant that a lengthy postponement was in order.

Rob dropped off Chloë at 1600 so she could start cooking with Miss Nikki and her Juniors. The Daisy families were responsible for bringing rolls and desserts, so we didn't have too much craziness there!

When the rest of Team Odette arrived (late) at 1730, pretty much everyone else was already there. Including all seven of the other Daisies, and their brothers, and, well, someone needed to step in and get the chaos under control! Since I'm the Daisy leader, that meant me, natch. I checked in with Miss Nikki in the kitchen to make sure I wasn't needed there first, and then I went out to the feast area to call together the band of children who were currently doing the conga around the tables.

We played many games, starting with their favorite, "Daisy-to-Daisy". For this occasion, I changed it to Scout-to-Scout, in deference to the three Cubs we had playing along with us. The girls LOVE this game, but when they started fighting over who got to be the caller and/or calling parts like lips and other no-nos, I had to switch up the games.

So we played "Duck, Duck, Goose," "Ring Around the Rosy," and other such things. Fortunately, they're young enough to be entertained by these things, which were simple enough for me to remember how to play!


When I ran out of ideas on games, I took a cue from both my daughters' days in the Creative Movement class at their dance academy, and suggested we act like animals! Here, they were pretending to be kitties. I had just called out "Snake!" when Miss Nikki interrupted to tell us that the food was finally ready. Eleven children zoomed away from me to find their spots at the various tables, with their parents. 



While we ate, Chloë and the other Juniors put on a little skit for us. It was cute... 



After the Juniors were given time to finish their meals, Miss Nikki, the Juniors and Daisies, and I all got up to entertain the rest of the families some more. We sang bunches of songs, including the one I taught my troop: Fish and Chips and Vinegar! It's hard for me not to sing it in a British accent, but I handled it. (And yes, as you can see up there, 9yo Chloë IS shorter than some of the 5yo Daisies!) Fun times. I'll have to find more cute songs to teach my girls, since they do so love learning songs. I tried to teach them how to do Fish and Chips in a round, but oh, no, that didn't quite go over so well!


At the very end, Miss Nikki passed out the patches her Juniors had earned through the Fall. Now it's time to get the ol' iron out and stick 'em on the green vest. I'm all about the patches!

{ Special thanks to Miss Nikki and her co-Leader, Miss Kim, for putting on another spectacular feast for us to enjoy. It was fantastic! }