Saturday 9: Margaritaville
Breathe, Baby, Breathe

Put A Ring On It


Yeah, that's my sexy leg up there. (Shut up, it is TOO.)

With my sexy hand on it.

With my sexy ring on my sexy finger.

Oh, the ring, you say? Where did I get it? Well, I'd be HAPPY to tell you!

It was a gift from my lovely friend Michelle, out of her Etsy shop, Gymbohannah. I'd been admiring it for months on end, and I mentioned it to her again, so she popped one in the mail to me!

Now, I can't promise you the same special treatment, but I can promise you'll find lots of fun goodies created by Michelle's own two hands in her shop. Check her out! And like her on Facebook, while you're at it! Tell her I sent ya!

Thanks, Michelle! I love it. Hubs likes it, too. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!