Aloha Friday
Sunday Stealing: The Very Late Meme

Saturday 9: Gimme Three Steps


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1. Has anyone ever got angry with you for flirting with their partner or date?

Yeah, probably. I can be an obnoxious flirt...

2. What is your favorite movie line or speech?

In Dirty Dancing, when Johnny is talking to ?? (the boyfriend of Baby's older sister) about the two girls and says, "Just put your pickle on the plate, college boy, and leave the hard stuff to me." I say that all the time.

3. What is something that has happened to you that you would consider a miracle?

I would say nothing, but I've had four kids, so that hardly seems fair. Making people is pretty miraculous. Also miraculous is that my oldest child is still alive. I'm not looking forward to her teen years!

4. What do you try to stay away from?

Cigarette smoke. I avoid it like the plague. Gives me an instant headache.

5. What is it too late for?

It's never too late, unless a person you've hurt has passed away. Then, yeah, you probably can't make things right.

6. If you could write three newspaper headlines, which would come true, what would they be?

"Infant Son Returns From Dead at Proper Age"

"Mandatory Recycling Becomes Global Law"

"New Milk Chocolate Invented That's Delicious and Healthy"

7. When was the last time you apologized to someone?

This morning. Chloë and I were selling Girl Scout Cookies at a booth with another parent and daughter in our troop, and I let Chlo have some of my Diet Coke. The caffeine totally made her spazz out and she was talking ridiculously, nonstop. The other mom was cracking up and telling me to stop apologizing, because it was hilarious. I apologize way too often. Kinda drives people crazy.

8. If you to find out now that you would very well known after you die, what do you think it might be for?

(Was that English?) I would like it to be for philanthropy. Of course, I'm not rich, so that'll probably never happen, but I try to be a giver. If I were wealthy, I'd have a hard time not giving it all away.

9. Are you easily angered or able to handle every situation calmly?

Bahahahaha. Definitely the former thing. The word "calm" is not in my vocabulary!

Have a great weekend, y'all!