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Saturday 9: Monday, Monday


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1. How does your day usually go on Monday?

I often stay up all night planning out our week, and we get into our homeschooling right away after the kids get up and have breakfast. We do Art first, then usually get into some reading, and then whatever else I've planned for the day. In the evening, Hubs usually takes Chloe to Tap class, and then Jack to Cub Scouts, with Sophia riding along to give Mama a break. I usually plan to do a lot in that time but end up wasting it!

2. Who was the last band you saw live?

I guess that would be the Black-Eyed Peas, right about one year ago! They were awesome. Ludacris was there, too.

3. When was the last time you purchased something over $50?

Psht. Tonight. We're in Branson, MO, on a work-cation. Hubs and I took the kids to Dixie Stampede tonight, where between the tickets, tips, pictures, and souvenirs, we spent... a small fortune. Eek.

4. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

Generally, no, unless it's with an older relative. But with my kids, fortunately, I don't mind at all.

5. Do you wish you were someplace else right now?

Nope. My kids are splashing around in the hot tub in the next room and filling the night with happy squeals. Hubs is resting peacefully next to me on the bed. I have everything I need right here.

6. Tell us about the last wedding that you attended.

I don't go to a lot of weddings. I guess that would be my BFF Lisa's and her husband, Faris', when Chloe was 9 months old. That was almost 9 years ago now! We turn down a lot of invitations for weddings, sadly, because they're always many hours away and we can't get away at the time.

7. What's annoying you right now?

This new laptop we just got last night. I hate laptops. It's a nice one, but I still hate it, just because it's a laptop.

8. What is your best skill/ability? Why?

I'm pretty proud of my Third Grade award for Class Giggler. I'm still damn good at laughing. I do it way more than anyone should.

9. If someone asked a friend of yours, "Hey, what is one thing your friend is exceptional at?", what would they say about you? Why?

I posed the question to my husband, who I thought would give me a hysterical answer. He said, "I don't know? Knitting, crocheting, getting coupon deals..." and then he added the funny thing I expected. I can't tell you that one, though. Trust me, you don't want to know!

Happy weekend, y'all! (Oh, speaking of "y'all," at the Stampede tonight, the guy who brought us our pictures said to us, "Hi, would y'all like to see y'all's pictures? Here y'all are! Okay, y'all have y'all selves a good night!" I was snickering to myself...)