Sunday Stealing: The Sunset Meme

Saturday Six – Episode 357


So I'm doing this meme for the first time ever; congratulate me. ;) Gotta kill time while I wait for the kids to wake up so we can go somewhere. Anyway, here are my killer answers:

1. Which is easier for you: looking someone directly in the eye when you’re telling them something that’s very personal, or looking someone directly in the eye when they’re telling you something that’s very personal to them?

The latter thing. I'm shy, though. I look down a lot when I'm talking. It's that whole authority thing I have going on, I think. That and the paranoia thing and the self-consciousness thing and... yeah, you know, I have some issues.

2. Who is the person you find easiest to make eye contact with during a conversation?

Aside from my kids, because they're MY kids, I guess it would be The Hubs. I'm pretty comfy with that guy. Obviously. We made kids together, and all...

3. If you could change the color of your eyes, would you?

Yeah. I'd pick green, like my grandpa's. I don't know, maybe not. There's no song, "Green-Eyed GIrl," is there? I guess I like my brown eyes. How's that for decisive??

4. Take the quiz: What Color Should Your Eyes Be?

Your Eyes Should Be Brown

Your eyes reflect: Depth and wisdom

People find you to be: Loyal, honest, and comforting

Your best trait: You are comfortable with who you are, and you don't pretend to be someone you're not

What's hidden behind your eyes: A tender heart

5. If you could choose a new option for eye color, besides blue, green, hazel and brown, which would you choose to add to the genetic mix?

Violet, duh! White would be pretty freaky too, huh?

6. If you were given x-ray vision for one hour, where would you go first?

I guess I wouldn't need it in a men's locker room, so maybe a hardbodies' gym? Yeah. I'd be looking at that shit.

Well, that was fun. Now I'm thinking about penises.