Breathe, Baby, Breathe
Feast Your Eyes On This

Sweet Child O' Mine


I pretty much love this picture, even if Sophia was a stinker and snuck into it at the last second. She has been doing that for years! Anyway. Of all the children I've birthed, and there have been a bucketful, Jack has always been the snuggliest. In the womb, he nestled up in my right rib. Built himself a nest there, he did, and cozied down until Robby decided he needed OUT at 30½ weeks. Now, at any given time, he's still the one who will come up to me from behind and put his head on my shoulder, with his thumb in his mouth, and then hop into my lap after I give it a pat. He'll let me hold him until the cows come home, if there's time, whereas the girls are more likely to sit there for a half-second and then dash off to do ABC-XYZ.  

Green, because that's both Jack's and my favorite color. ♥



I wanted to try again, sans Sophie this time. This was the result. Um, no.... one more time, then: 


And this was it. I pretty much love this one, too. And that special little boy of mine. Here's to you, kiddo!